Recent Rimmel Additions Review! Lip Swatches Ahoy!

In recent months I have added to my Rimmel lip collection!  I thought it might be useful to do some lip swatches and let you know my thoughts.

Latest Rimmel Lip Additions
So before we start, this is what my lips look like with only lip balm on them.  The lipstick swatches are a few swipes of the lipstick without blotting.

My lips with lip balm only

Now we have that out of the way, let’s get onto the fun of the lip sticks!  I’m going to work left to right from the top image.   First is Kate 101 matte finish.

Kate 101 Matte Finish lip swatch

This is quite a light shade and it is slightly hard for me to wear, it is verging on barbie pink.  I either wear this over a darker lipstick  – lightening the darker shade, or I pop a lipgloss over the top.  I rarely wear it by itself.  I think this is a lovely summery colour, although like all of the lipsticks I’m about to show you, could be worn throughout the year.  This wears well and fades quite naturally.  I does need topping up throughout the day.  The Kate matte lipsticks retail for £5.49.  I buy mine at either boots (it’s closer to me at work), but you can also buy them from Superdrug if you’re in the UK!

Kate 107 Matte Finish lip swatch

You may have noticed but neither of these matte lipsticks are entirely matte on the lips.  They’re definitely less shiny than most lipsticks, but not fully matte.  Well for me anyway!  107 is a bit of a beauty blogger cult classic, you can see why.  It’s a beautiful dark red.  It also wears really well and is very wearable throughout the year.  Both of these lipsticks are lovely to apply, nice and creamy on application, no dragging here!

Kate 05 Lasting Finish lip swatch

Now this lipstick is possibly one of my favourite almost nude lipsticks.  Well it is (for me anyway), a great “your lips but better” lipstick.  It’s just a shade darker than my lips and adds a lovely creamy shine! Like the previous lipsticks, this wears well and fades naturally – no lipstick rim here!  It is lovely to apply and I generally reach for this the most out of my Rimmel lip collection.  It also retails for £5.49.

Rose Passion Moisture Renew lip swatch

Now this lipstick is just fabulous!  Talk about a vibrant red.  I lusted after this lipstick for a long time and I’m so pleased I now own it.  It is a lovely summer red, it’s very vibrant and definitely not for the faint hearted!  It wears very well and is lovely to apply – can you see a theme here?  If you’re looking for a red to whiten your teeth, this is great.  I would recommend using a lip liner – I tend to get a bit of feathering.  It retails for £6.49.

Amethyst Shimmer Lasting Finish lip swatch

This lipstick has a frost (pearl/metallic) finish.  This is a lovely pink, with a purple undertone and I really enjoy the finish.  I generally wear this year round, but more so in the winter – well the rest of my face is usually matte, so it’s nice to have something have a nice shine to it!  Like all the previous lipsticks, it’s easy to apply, nice & creamy and wears well.  This retails for £4.99 (from superdrug).

Stellar Apocalips

Stellar is a fantastic coral pink.  Another one not for the faint hearted!  I reach for this in the summer months.  I’m an absolute fan of the Apocalips, my only pain is upon application.  I generally apply the first coat and then blot and even the application out, apply the second coat, bloat and then even out the product with my finger.  I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I tend to end up with a bit of an uneven application if I don’t fix it with my finger!? This isn’t too much of a pain though – I tend to apply two coats of lipstick anyway, blotting in between.  Like all the other Apocalips, this wears very well and really stays in place for most of my day.  This retails for £6.49.

Across the Universe Apocalips swatch

Finally we have Across the Universe. This is a recent addition to the Apocalips line, after swatching it in the shop I fell in love!  How could you not?  Such a fantastic dark cool toned red – definite teeth whitener.  Wears well, looks good, what more could you want?  I would say this is an Autumn/Winter colour, or a night out.  I really love it.  I see it as a dark watermelon sort of shade – odd description?  You know what I mean though…right?  Anyway, love this, go and swatch it!

So that’s it for my recent additions.  I’ve picked these up from the end of the summer until Christmas, these lip products are all still available.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to see these in action, you can check out my video below.

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