Bought It & Forgot It Update!

Bought It & Forgot It Products
So a quick update on the products that I was trying out again.  I’ve definitely dusted a few of these off!


Lets start with the eyelid primers.  First up Urban Decay’s primer potion in Greed.  I’m pleased that this is still fine, no odd smell and no irritation!  I’ve used this a few times under goldy shadows but more under bronzey eyeshadows that I wanted to brighten.  It has been firmly added to the eyeshadow drawer so I don’t forget about it again.  The B. Stunning creamy eyeshadow from B. Cosmetics in Dusk Til Dawn.  This is quite sheer really.  It works well as a base, I’ve used it with my Naked 3 palette and some bareMinerals eyeshadows.  I don’t think it’s opaque enough to be used on it’s own unfortunately.  I do still enjoy the colour, so it’s another one getting added back into my eyeshadow drawer!


Another cream eyeshadow product was Maybelline’s color tattoo in Light in Purple.  I used this a few times.  It worked with an a light blue/silver eyeshadow I have from NARS and another similar shade from bareMinerals.  It worked really well as a base.  Again it’s a bit sheer, so I will likely only really use this as a base rather than as a stand alone eyeshadow.  The final cream shadow product is Wise from Lush.  This dries very quickly, so you should only do one eye at a time and blend out as you go!  I’m still not the biggest fan of this but I am going to try and use it a bit more before it goes off!


Another eyelid primer is bareMinerals Chroma Violet.  I didn’t get around to testing this out in the last four weeks! From elf I had a mineral eyeshadow in Wine Tour, unfortunately I didn’t get around to using it, so I will be keeping it to test out!  Another product I didn’t get a chance to test out, bareMinerals lip gloss in Puff Pastry.


From Too Faced I had this lipstick in Drop Dead Diva.  I’m not the biggest fan of this.  A lip liner is a requirement for using this lippie as I noticed that it was quite slippy on my lips and I was forever worried about getting it on my teeth.  The colour itself is beautiful and the overall look is lovely.  It’s more that I was worried it was going to end up across my face!


Now for the highlighters!  From Bourjois I was trying to use the Java Rice powder.  I’m growing to love this. It’s a beautiful highlight, I wouldn’t use it all over my face, but it’s great just on the tops of my cheeks and anywhere else I fancy.  From bareMinerals I have a rosey gold highlighter in Love Affair.  This is still as beautiful as I remember.  Soft creamy product that gives a stunning highlight! Last up is from Me Me Me it’s the Pink Zest shimmer stack.  To be honest, the bottom colours could easily be used as a blush, the top two shades (the white and pink) were the shades I used for highlighting.  This is fine.  It’s not my favourite but I may end up using it more as a blush!


Updated Bought It & Forgot It
So I’ve kept in the products I’d not tried – you’ve probably seen them appear in my weekly makeup basket post.  I’ve added a few more products that I’ve barely used – surprised right?  From Benefit I’ve added the Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour kit.  This was one of the first pieces of makeup I bought, I did used to use it and then stopped, so I thought it kinda counted?  It’s a great neutral kit.  I’ve two powder blushes, from GOSH I have a multicolour blush in Pink Pie.  I’ve use the pink and purple shades from this blush but that’s about it, I’m not sure when last I used it to be honest.  The second blush is from Collection and it’s a Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious, this will probably be better suited to the summer but I’ve barely touched this so I should really investigate!  I’ve a cream HD blush from elf in Diva, again I’ve used this only a handful of times.


The final addition is the elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder.  I did use this when I first bought it and I wasn’t the biggest fan, however, recently I was watching a beauty blogger, she used this product.  It left her under-eyes looking fabulous, so I thought I should really check it out more!


So that’s it!  Thank you for reading!

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