It’s good to talk

This is just a wee post on wedding planning and how to cope with the stress of it all.  I think I will do a proper post listing all the things I found helpful soon!

So you’ve probably gathered from previous posts that I’m getting married in a few months.  I can’t really get over how quickly it’s approaching to be honest!  It’s starting to really stress me out, I’m not sleeping and I’m forever worried about coming up with the money to pay for it all.  Throw on top of that, a big work project that is just coming to a head and organising some Irish dance displays for St Patrick’s weekend (did I mention I also run an Irish dance school?), well you can imagine.

So yesterday on the verge of a serious wobble I rang my mam.  We don’t always have the best relationship, but I know I can count on her when I’m seriously stressed.  So we discussed the money and thankfully my parents had already told me that they were going to pay for the meal.  So I just had to tell them that we had to pay for it before the actual meal, I’ve always disliked asking for money.  Always.  So it was a bit of a relief when my mam said that they can send the money on before the wedding!   This made me feel lots better.

Then we discussed some menu options that myself and OH had liked, so we confirmed those between us.  So I shall organise a tasting session at the start of next month!   My mam also told me to pick a job and sort it out this weekend.  So I’m going to sort the bridesmaids underskirts.  That’s my focus for the weekend.  So I’m back to just knocking the tasks down gradually.  I have a list of things, I just need to start ticking them off rather than hiding on the weekends and being almost too scared to do anything!

This sounds daft, but just having someone talk everything through and help you relax a bit works wonders.  I think chatting to someone other than my OH helped, probably because I feel that I’m in charge when it’s just me & OH, even when it’s him sorting something out!  So I guess having someone else take charge a wee bit helped, who better than your mother?

I also talked to my sister afterwards and we laughed about all sorts of things, a good laugh is always going to help! So my advice if you’re freaking out about all the things that have to be done? Talk to someone, someone you know will take control briefly and show you that you can do this, you just need to breathe and break it all down a bit more.   Plus my mam came up with a cracking idea for our wedding cake and we found one last night that we loved!  Another job done!

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