Nail Strengthening Joy!

So you’ve probably heard me complain, moan, whinge and generally weep over the state of my nails.  They were weak – breaking over the slightest thing, I also had seriously peeling going on.  At one point every single nail peeling.  As you can imagine, this meant my nails weren’t really growing, or if they did, they weren’t long for any length of time!

 So since before Christmas I have been making a concerted effort to improve the state of my nails.  I think I’ve found some excellent goodies that have been working wonders.
Nail Products
So let’s start with the Avon products.  I bought the Nail Experts 24k gold Strength polish and a Nail Experts Hydrate & Grow gel.  I bought both items when they were on sale, so spent less than £5 on them, they normally retail for £5 each.  Now I cannot state strongly enough that my nails were in a woeful state, the worse they had been since I used to bite my nails.  So the Strengthener, although it did help a wee bit when I used it as directed, it didn’t massively improve the state of my nails.  I think it will be of more use when my nails aren’t in such a state.  The hydrate & grow gel however, did help.  I used this product repeatedly throughout the days and when I upped how often I was using it, I noticed improvement.  It was because of this I came to realise that my nails were dehydrated!  Lightbulb moment there…(yes I know a bit late on it).

Anyway I went on the hunt again for some sort of polish to really help with the strengthening side and because I’d used up the gel, I also went looking for cuticle oils to help my dry nails!   I struck lucky.  I came across a review (after a while of searching), on the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (£9.99).  I was a tad dubious as I’ve used one of the Sally Hansen strengthening nail polishes in the past without any luck.  This however made incredible claims, even on the package it says it’s for “Severe Problem Nails”.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure stops nails from peeling, breaking or splitting – building 50% stronger nails in just 3 daysIt will restore flexibility, condition dryness and strengthen from within.” 

 I can whole heartedly agree.  I would apply a single coat on monday, then remove and apply another coat on Wednesday.  So every other day I would reapply.  I noticed a difference by the third application.  My nails are without doubt much stronger – not so strong that they are brittle and unable to bend, we don’t want that.  But strong enough that they are actually growing out!

At the same time I picked up a few different cuticle oils.  From Sally Hansen I bought the Nail & Cuticle Oil* (about £7), which I use religiously every night as part of my nighttime routine.  From essie I got Apricot cuticle oil (£8.99) , this lives on my office desk and I use it every morning after I’ve made my coffee and moisturised my hands.  The final cuticle oil is the Maximum Growth cuticle pen from Sally Hansen (£5.59).  This resides in my wee beauty pouch that is transferred between handbags, so if I notice my nails are a bit dry or cuticles need some attention while I’m out and about, I can whip this out!  Again between all of these I’ve seen even more improvement with my nails!  The skin around my nails is much better, much softer and less ragged bits.   My favourite is the Sally Hansen Nail & Cuticle oil as it seems to absorb a bit quicker and it has a thicker consistency than the essie apricot oil.  Both are great though!

Finally a Nivea hand cream.  I’m a fan of Nivea hand creams.  I’ve one in my bag, one on my desk, one at home.  Well you get the idea.  I do try out other hand creams, but I always come back to Nivea hand creams.  The point here, I’m making sure to moisturise my hands on a regular basis throughout the day.  Pretty much every time I wash my hands, I moisturise.

So here are some before pictures taken in December 2013

Before Treatment

And some after pictures, taken this morning!

3 months of treatment
As you can see from the top set of pictures, I’d had to file my nails down to get rid of lots of peeling, particularly on my right hand.  The bottom set of pictures, well I think they say it all.  I’ve no peeling at all on my left hand, I unfortunately do have some peeling on my index, middle and ring finger on my right hand, but not as much as I’ve had in the past.  It’s also growing out so I’m hoping I can get rid of it in a few months.

I am back to wearing nail polish majority of the time and something I’ve noticed, my nail polishes stay on much better now!  I know I know, that makes sense, but it makes me happy!  I am giving my nails a break one week out of the month, so for that week I will only use my Miracle Cure, just to give my nails a wee boost.   I’m now really happy with my nails!! I will continue my care routine to help maintain them.

Thank you for reading!

If you fancy watching my review video, you can check it out below.

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