Oh I wish I had a money tree

Money tree
You may or may not know, but I’m getting married in July.  Which is really very exciting! However, it’s a tad expensive to say the least.  I already have my dress and the bridesmaid dresses.  Photographer has been booked, venue booked, chapel booked.  So big stuff is sorted.

You’ve probably seen my recent posts on my Project 10 Pan(First and Update) and Bought & Forgot (Post).  These are my attempts at reining in my spending on makeup and skin care products that I don’t really need.  I want, but I don’t need.

I’ve been really struggling to bring my spending into line though.  I tend to forget that I’ve credit card bills, venue payments, photographer payments…well the list goes on!  I do have a wee bit of money set aside each month for trivial things, but I’m going to have to sort myself out and stop buying 20 coffees a month (I’ve already stopped that, but it’s just an example). I’m a list maker and I always make a list of my monthly outgoings, so when payday rolls round, I make these payments first.  Some are direct debits, so I don’t have to worry.  This past few months though I’ve counted up wrong and then left myself struggling.  My mentality is rubbish really, I know I’ve a bit of spending money, but I underestimate other bills or I spend more than I’ve allowed myself..always thinking, “Sure it’ll be fine!”.  Nope, it wont.

Do you have these problems.  How do you rein in your spending?  If I’m in bad form, having a crappy day or just generally in a rubbishy mood, I automatically wander off to boots to browse, or buy myself a magazine.  I need to teach myself new habits.  New coping mechanisms.  Something!  Have you read any good books that have helped to change your attitude towards money?

So my plan.  I’ve made my pay list for next month and I’ve upped a few of the payments, just to make extra sure.  I’m also going to add ideas to my diary of things to do that don’t require money, for those moments that my mood drops – so quick pick me ups..I think these will be the hardest to deal with.

If you’ve any ideas please leave a comment below!! I’d be very grateful, the more ideas the better really!

I’ve only got to make it to July being sensible, I’m hoping though, if I improve my spending habits I can clear my debts and be back in the black for the first time since being a student!  That would be exciting!

Would you like to see my list of ideas on things to do without spending money?

Thanks for reading!

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