Project 10 Pan Review & Update

Project 10 Pan Review


Let’s start with a quick review of the products from Part One.  I’m making great headway with the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream.  I think it should be all finished up by the end of February.  From Sarah Chapman I was testing out a sample of Skinesis Skin Tone Perfecting Booster.  I’m not a fan of this and stopped using it because it was clogging up my skin a bit and I didn’t see any improvement in my skin after using this for a few days.  I’m chucking it, it’s mostly empty…From 17, another product I’m enjoying using and making a bigger dent in, it’s the Barely There trio with the single brown colour left.  Hopefully I should have it finished by the end of February.
Something that I’m throwing out is this Tone Correcting powder from elf.  It’s the cool version.  This is quite a powdery product and leaves my face looking powdery and cakey, even after using a setting spray.  I’ve not really enjoyed using this product at all, so I’m getting rid.  I did make every attempt at using it, it’s just not for me.  Finally from Revlon is the Colorstay foundation for combo/oily skin in Ivory.  I’m so close to finishing this product.  I think I’ve only one use left in it.  It does break my skin out a wee bit, so I try not to use it two consecutive days.  I’ll be pleased when this is all gone.

Project 10 Pan Updates


I’m adding new products to my project.  First is the BioEffect EGF Serum.  Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this serum sample.  I’ve already started using it, so far so good.  I’ve dug out my “that gal” brightening primer from Benefit.  This has become buried in my makeup drawers and I do enjoy it, best to use it before it goes off.  I’m looking forward to testing this out again.  To replace my Revlon foundation I’m adding in L’Oreal’s True Match foundation, again in Ivory.  It’s showing quite dark in the photo, it’s actually a good colour match to my skin.  It’s an OK foundation, I just want to get it used up really.  Finally from Nivea a Pearl & Shine lip balm.  I need to get better at looking after my lips, so I’m hoping by including this in my project I will make more of an effort.  Plus I’ve quite a few lip balms lying about, so it would be good to use some of them completely!

So I’ll let you know how I get on with the new additions next month!  Thanks for reading, you can check out the video below if you fancy.

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