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So I saw TalkBeckyTalk do the TLC Tag video and it looked like really good fun.  I did a video version myself, then thought it would be interesting to do a matching blog post.  If you fancy doing this tag please do and let me know!

So the info for the Tag:  When you’re in need of some TLC, which products do you turn to for your:
Hair, Hands, Body, Lips, Eyes, Face, Drink?
TLC Products


So when my hair is feeling a bit blah, or just damaged looking, I will reach for the aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner.  I’ve had variations of this conditioner over the years and I always go back to it.  I wash my hair when I first get in the shower, put some of this in and leave it there while I get on with cleaning myself.  I leave it until the very end of my shower before rinsing it out, my hair always feels so soft and silky afterwards.  Plus it smells wonderful!


My favourite hand creams are from Nivea.  I do quite like Sanctuary hand creams too but I will always have a Nivea hand cream somewhere in my stash (I’ve one on my desk at work and one in my handbag at the minute!).  This really helps my dry knuckles and absorbs well into the skin.  There is a small amount of greasy residue but it disappears pretty quickly!  Love and will always repurchase.  At the minute I’m also using cuticle oils everyday.  My nails are in bad shape so this is a must.  The Sally Hansen one is great and I apply it every night before I switch off the light.  I also use the essie apricot cuticle oil in the mornings – this one lives on my desk at work, so I do it while I’m waiting for my morning coffee to cool enough to drink.  My nails need it at the minute.


For body skin care, my favourite all time body butters come from Sanctuary.  I try others and I’m currently finishing up a Soap & Glory body butter, however, I always go back to Sanctuary.  I love the scent, they also work wonders for any dry patches and they seem to sink in to my skin almost as quickly as a lotion.  You only really need a small amount of the Sanctuary body butter as well, so it’s well worth the money.  This is a small travel one I have, I have a few travel sizes stashed.  Once I finish up the Soap & Glory body butter I will purchase a full size.


I’ve two products for my lips.  Nivea pearl & shine lip balm and Vaseline Aloe vera lip balm.  The Nivea lip balm lives in my bag, it’s really thick and quite a heavy balm.  This is a good thing, especially at the minute with the weather being so awful!  Not good for the ole lips!  So this balm makes a nice protective barrier for my lips while also moisturising my lips.  The vaseline lip balm is the balm I use at night.  It does help keep my lips moisturised and my lips are generally soft in the morning!  I’ve not branched out in regards to my lip balm products…maybe when I’ve used up my current stash.


I’m a massive fan of Liz Earle’s Eye bright soothing eye lotion.  I keep this in the fridge and it is excellent for tired eyes.  I spend a lot of time staring at computer screens, one of the joys of working as a software tester – lots of straining and focusing on my screen.  This lotion is lovely and really helps my eyes relax and reduces the redness and general ache I get.  Another thing I use to great effect – used teabags.  Yep sounds weird.  If I’m away without my lotion and my eyes get tired, I will keep two used teabags and once cooled I will pop them on my eyes to help, trust me here, it works!  You can thank my granny for that one.


For face, I’ve gone with a few different face masks.  Two from Liz Earle, the Deep Cleansing mask for when my skin feels like it needs a serious clean out and the Brightening Treatment mask for when my skin is just looking a bit dull of itself.  The third mask is Origin’s Drink up face mask, this is great for when my skin is feeling really dry – I like to use it after a deep cleansing mask.   I’ve talked about these masks in my Winter Skin Care post.


I have two different teas I reach for when I need TLC.  First is a peppermint tea from Teapigs.  I suffer with IBS pretty regularly, this tea helps when I’m feeling bloated, or my tummy is just generally being upset, it’s also great if you’ve eaten too much and you have a bit of indigestion.  It calms everything down and deflates me, I cannot recommend this tea enough!  The second tea is Twinings Relaxing Camomile & Spearmint.  I have serious problems sleeping, I don’t like using sleeping tablets as they slow me down the next day and leave me groggy.  This tea however, really helps me relax in the evenings and unwind so I can fall asleep a bit easier.

So that’s it!  You can watch the video below if you fancy x

Thanks for reading!

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