Too Much Exfoliating!

So I  may have got a bit excited on the exfoliating front recently.  My skin wasn’t particularly happy at the start of the month, between being sick and not looking after my skin properly, I was having breakouts and all sorts.  In my genius I upped my use of chemical exfoliators.  Most of these products are fine, I just over used them.


I was using my Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner almost everyday, sometimes twice a day.  That in itself isn’t particularly bad.  Throw in that I was alternating it with Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner.  The Botanics toner is more gentle that the Clarins toner, I just don’t think I should have been using either of them so frequently, it was starting to strip my skin.  I also decided to try out Clinique’s anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion, it’s a mattifying toner with powder in it, so you have to really shake it up before you using it.  This really stripped my skin even further, it really smells strongly of alcohol, so it’s not surprising.  I started to get breakouts along my jawline and my cheek bones.  I rarely get breakouts in these areas.  They were sore red lumps and I had a few major breakouts.  I already sort of knew, but I read a post by Tattooed Lady focusing on dealing with adult acne.  It has a link to an ebook that you can download.  It suddenly all came together.  I was stripping my skin of much needs oils and not really doing my skin any favours at all!  Did I mention I was also using a physical exfoliator, the Garnier Anti-blackhead Deep pore wash, I used this before applying deep cleansing masks.  So you imagine the state of my skin.


Anyway I’ve stopped using the Clinique toner completely and will likely chuck this.  The Garnier exfoliator now lives in the shower, it’s just too rough for my face.  I’m still using the Clarins toner about 3 times a week and Botanics exfoliating toner four times a week.  I alternate them with a toner from Liz Earle, the Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  This has really helped to hydrate my skin again and help my moisturiser work even better.  My skin is starting to recover which I’ve very happy about!


I will do a post on my winter skin care routine, it’s a lot more gentle now to help accommodate the weather a bit more!  You can watch the video below for a closer look.

**I’ve updated my morning & evening skin care routine and found a way to use the Botanics Toner and Clarins Toner more frequently without stripping my skin at all! Winner.


Thanks for reading!


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