What’s In My Bag? Weekend Edition

Weekend Bag
So I was tagged by the lovely Rebecca from Rouge pout, if you don’t know who she is, you really should check her out!  Here’s her youtube and her blog.

So let’s delve into my weekend bag.  The bag itself is from a National Trust shop, you can check it out here.  I was dead pleased to get this in the sale for £17! It’s water proof, fits everything easily and my mac if I need to.  Plus really pretty colour!  It was two front pockets, two side pockets and a zip pocket on the back.  Inside it has the usual smaller pockets for mobiles etc and a inside zip pocket at the back.

On to the contents!  I’ve actually got sunglasses! I know, I was surprised too but the sun is coming out at last and I can be a bit sensitive.  I got these at boots, they’ve 100% UVA & UVB protection and are polarised to help reduce glare.  It’s important to look after your eyes folks, they age the same as the rest of you but we at least use sunscreen on our skin!  The sunglasses case came from a boutique shop in Brighton that has now closed.  My wallet is from Next a few years ago.  It’s leather and has a zip section at the front with space for cards.  Then you can open the back for more cards and notes.    I always have tissues with me, nothing more annoying than a runny nose and no tissue!  I also keep wet wipes handy (not included in picture),   great for cleaning off multiple swatches while browsing beauty aisles.  I’ve a bus ticket and an empty tracker bar wrapper, there was gonna be some rubbish in there…..

I also keep my diary with me, I’m really enjoying having a page-a-day diary, plus this is a hard back so it takes a battering.  The other book is the notebook I use for my blog and youtube ideas, so I keep my to-do list for post/videos and then generally I tend to expand on each idea.  Obviously I keep a mechanical pencil handy, easier to rub out than pen 🙂  I’ve also got my phone, one app I wanted to mention is evernote.  I’ve been using this constantly since I’ve been planning the wedding.  I have the same app on my mac, so I can update it there and then it syncs up and I have the same info on my phone!  Plus I can share it with my OH.  Very useful for planning.  I also pop in blog/youtube ideas there if I’ve no notebook handy, alongside my beauty wishlist, a general shopping list.  Well you get the idea!  It’s free, check it out.

As you can see I’ve multiple lipsticks and lip balms (8 in total…).  These are kept in my wee green pouch – again bought from the boutique that closed down but I’ve seen similar in other wee shops.  So they are out there!  My lipsticks get added to each day, so I just keep adding to this wee pouch throughout the week.  My balmstain in Honey however, generally lives in my bag, always handy to have about!  I also keep a perfume sample for freshening up and a solid perfume stick in Vanillary from Lush (which I utterly love).  From Ecotools I have a retractable kabuki brush, from bareMinerals I’ve a Ready translucent powder and of course I’ve a mirror compact to help with those touch ups!

Pouch of goodness
This pouch is from Superdrug, I bought it years ago and it gets switched between handbags always.  It contains my hand cream – currently Nivea soft, vaseline lip balm, nivea lip balm, some anti-bac hand gel, dental floss, cuticle nippers (I don’t actually use on my cuticles), an orange stick, glass nail file, blotting tissues and a mini hairbrush.  I also keep feminine products in this pouch.

If you’d like a closer look at my bag and it’s contents you can check out the video below!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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