DiorSkin Nude Foundation Review

DiorSkin Nude Foundation
As you probably already know from previous posts I am on the hunt for my perfect wedding foundation.  I was lucky enough to get a sample of the DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Foundation (bit of a long name there).  I was colour matched to the shade 010 Ivory and I think it’s actually a pretty good colour match.


What the Dior website says:


“…It provides a subtle velvet finish with just the right amount of correction, revealing the skin’s texture and adding natural, shine-free radiance for a perfect natural glow.  It is available in 9 radiance-enhancing specialised shades that use translucence and half tones to adjust to every complexion, for an even more natural result in every light.  It’s formula is enriched with natural skin care ingredients for more beautiful and radiant skin, day after day.”


This retails for £32 for 30ml.  I found mine at boots, it is the same price from Debenhams and I am sure it’s similar price from most retailers.  It has SPF 15.


I really do love this foundation.  It is very easy to apply, I prefer using a buffing brush with this foundation, it’s so simple to achieve an even coverage.  I tested this foundation both with and without setting powder.  Unsurprisingly my face did become shiny on my T-zone when not set, but once blotted I was able to easily blend the foundation back into place.  This foundation doesn’t irritate my skin and in fact helped to sooth some redness I had with a spot that popped up the day before I started using this foundation!


I don’t think this foundation is particularly buildable, let me explain.  I added some additional foundation to areas of redness or spots I wanted to conceal.  It did build up nicely and covered the redness etc.  Unfortunately those areas of additional foundation, broke down quicker.  Generally this foundation did not break down on my face, only in the areas of additional makeup.  So I would consider this foundation a light to medium coverage.  This foundation lasted on average 9-10 hours when set, without settling into my fine lines, or breaking up, which is really good going in my opinion! You can see in the below images the nice coverage it provides and how it evens out my skin tone but still allows some of my freckles to show through.


Primer only
Foundation coverage


Although the foundation does have an SPF, I didn’t experience any issues with flash back as you can see from the next image.  So if you have an nice even skin tone and you don’t require a full coverage foundation, this would be a great wedding foundation!
Full face of makeup, with flash
As I said I really do love this foundation,  I think this will be a beautiful foundation to wear in the summer.  So I may spoil myself and spend my hard saved boots points on this foundation.  As for my perfect wedding foundation, the search continues.


If you would like to see how I apply this foundation, I’ve done a mini demo as part of my review video below.



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