Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation Review

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation
I got a sample of the new Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude foundation a few weeks ago and I’ve tested it over quite a few days to get an idea of how it worked with my skin.  I thought I would share my thoughts!

It retails for £28 for 30ml from boots and Debenhams.  Both of these retailers are running the option to pick up a “free 7 day sample” from your local counter.  It has SPF 15 and is aimed at all skin types.  There is a great selection of colours, with 20 shades available.  I was colour matched to the shade Alabaster.

What the Elizabeth Arden website says

Light, breathable formula moisturizes skin for 24 hours*, and smoothes on seamlessly for a naturally luminous look that lasts all day.  Proven to minimize the appearance of pores immediately and over time with continued use.  Hydro-pigment colour technology, vitamins and antioxidants protect and perfect, so skin looks beautifully even-toned and flawless.”

My Thoughts

I think this was a pretty good colour match.  It was easy to apply with a buffing brush.  It didn’t irritate my skin too much, but after a few days of continuous use a spot or two reared their heads.  Unfortunately this didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked throughout the day.  It lasted 6 hours at the very most and at that point it had really creased around my nose and broken up on my T-zone.  I would consider it light coverage as I found it hard to build up to a good medium coverage, I always had to go back in with a concealer and sometimes if I got a bit too happy with the foundation, it looked darker on my face.  So for me this did not leave my skin “beautifully even-toned and flawless”.
I did encounter some issues with flashback.  I didn’t turn out full on white, but my face did look very shiny and not in a “healthy glow” sort of way, it looked like an oil slick.  I took the picture without powder, however, as my skin started to become slightly shiny after only a few hours so I think on my wedding day I would likely end up looking like this…not the best look for any bride really!
I wouldn’t buy a full size, however, I think if you have drier skin, this may work much better for you.  So definitely worth checking out on that front.  You’re more likely to get the radiant glow if you have a drier skin type.  So far I still prefer the DiorSkin as a foundation (even if it’s not right for my wedding day!). You can read a review on the Dior foundation here.

Before and After Pictures

I forgot to take a before picture, so you get my grumpy looking face from a video still.
No makeup
Two layers of foundation in a bid to build some medium coverage.

No Flash

Below is a picture with flash, you can start to see some of the shiny look I mentioned, although in this picture it is a lovely radiant glow.
Flash in sunlight
The last picture says it all, super shiny. This was taken at the same time as the rest.  This is generally what it looks like on me after a few hours wear, so it’s a preview of sorts really!
Flash out of direct sunlight
Thank you for reading!  You can check out the video below to see how it applies.  As I said, I think this would work better if you have drier skin.