February Empties!

February Empties
Time for my empties from last month and I’m excited to say that I have a few makeup empties again!

Random Empties

Let’s start with the boring stuff.  I have an empty cotton wool oval face pads from boots, these worked fine, nice & soft, some cotton wool balls also from boots, I’ve repurchased the cotton balls and I’m testing out some other cotton pads to remove my face makeup.  I’ve an empty cotton rounds from Sainsburys – I wasn’t overly fussed on these to be honest.  An empty box of cotton buds from Lidl, again they worked fine.  I finished a pack of boots baby wipes, I use these to clean up swatches while recording videos, I’ve since repurchased some different baby wipes, I just buy whichever ones are on offer.  I’ve an empty can of Sure deodorant, I prefer roll on deodorant but I like to have a spray handy to freshen up, I will likely repurchase when I finish up the other cans I have.

I’ve two empty shower gels. Nivea Sunny Melon & oil, which was lovely to use and would repurchase, Original Source Shea Butter and Honey, also lovely and would repurchase if it was on offer.  I’ve finished two perfume samples, euphoria from Calvin Klein which I utterly adore and will definitely purchase a full size in the future.  The second is Angel from Thierry Mugler, which was a lovely scent but I won’t purchase.  I’ve finally switched out my eyelash curler pads for my Kevin Aucoin curlers, so now the box is empty!  My favourite razors are the Quattro blades for women from Wilkinson.

Skin Care Empties

I have a bottle of Clinique anti-blemish solution, it’s too stripping for my skin, I’ve talked about it in post here.  I can’t bring myself to use it at all, so it’s going in the bin.  I finished up my Out of Trouble face mask from Origins.  I liked this mask a lot it’s a cleansing mask and I liked to use it mid week to help freshen my face as it’s not a deep cleansing mask.  I’ve another empty Bioré nose strip, these are fine and I use them to keep my blackheads under control.  Two products from Garnier, a Soothing 2 in 1 makeup remover which I used to removed my eye makeup, I’ve a few other products I need to use up but I will likely repurchase this at some point in the future.  The second is an Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash.  This started off as a daily face wash, then became a once a week face scrub and finally it ended up in my shower as a body scrub as it was just too harsh for my face.   I’ve finally used up this Sugar Crush body buttercream from Soap & Glory, enjoyed this but won’t repurchase it as I became thoroughly sick of it by the end.  I have attempted to use this sample from Sarah Chapman of the Skinesis skin tone perfecting serum, my skin didn’t like it so I chucked it.  It was part of my Project 10 Pan.  The last skin care product is this Maximum growth cuticle pen from Sally Hansen, I really enjoy this product and talked about it in my Nail Strengthening Joy post, it’s very handy to have in my handbag, I’ve already repurchased.

Makeup Empties!

Can’t believe I’ve enough makeup empties for it to have it’s own wee paragraph!  A product I’m getting rid of is this lipgloss from bareMinerals in puff pastry, I just can’t stand the smell and it’s super sticky. I finished up my Revlon Colorstay foundation for combination/oily skin, loved this.  Great coverage and it was a pretty good colour match. Another product from bareMinerals is this cream concealer, I haven’t finished this product but I thoroughly disliked it so I’m not keeping products I don’t need.  From elf I have an almost finished Tone Correcting Powder, I didn’t really like this product either, it just made my makeup look cakey.  From Urban Decay I’ve an almost empty Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I really liked this but it got forgotten in my drawers and it went off, I did use most of it and I may repurchase in future once I’ve finished up my stash of primers.  I have an empty Smashbox oil free face primer, I did really like this but I prefer the Original primer from Smashbox and I’ve repurchased it instead.  Two foundation samples I’m getting rid of as they’re the wrong colour entirely is a Benefit Hello Flawless and it’s in the shade Honey, the second sample is from L’Oreal True Match in Beige.

So that’s it for this month’s empty products!  It’s still very satisfying to work my way through products and finish them, as well as get rid of products that just don’t work for me!

If you’d like a closer look at any of the products or want to hear more of my thoughts on them, you can check out the video below.
Thanks for reading!

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