February Favourites!

I’ve a mix of favourites and fails this month, I think we should start with the favourites!


February Favourites
I have a few much loved favourites this month! I’m going to jump right in.  First up Benefit’s “that gal” brightening primer.  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this, it’s part of my Project 10 Pan, so I’ve been making an effort to use it.  Unfortunately it doesn’t really work as a primer for me as it doesn’t control my oily patches.  How I have been using it, is over my normal primer, or mixed with my liquid foundation, or even just as a highlighter!  I’ve been really loving the brightness it brings to my face.  Another product from Benefit is Big Beautiful Eye contour kit.  I’ve been wearing these shadows at least 3 times a week, it has a great dark chocolate shadow which is a great liner colour.   So pleased I dug this out for my Bought & Forgot as I’ve totally fallen in love with it, so for those days where you just want a quick simple eyelook I’ve been reaching for this wee palette.From Elizabeth Arden I have the Rose Illuminator.  This is such a beautiful highlighter and I didn’t get to wear it nearly often enough this month.  When I did wear it, I loved the beautiful glow it gave me without looking too shimmery.  Adore.  I have been reaching for more bright, bold lip products this month as the sun has been making an attempt at returning.  My favourite as been Lovesick from the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain range.  Fantastic bright, vibrant pink without being too OTT.  I’ve actually worn it in my favourites video, so you can check it out there.

From Sally Hansen I have included the Miracle Cure.  I’ve raved about this product in my Nail Strengthening Joy post.  It has been so incredibly helpful in aiding my nails.  I cannot say enough good things about it, read the post, you will understand.  Finally for beauty favourites I have the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum.  I absolutely love this stuff.  My skin loves it very much too.  It has helped to clear my skin up massively and is generally a joy to use.  If only I was rich enough to buy the full size!  You can check out a review on that here.

Two other favourites that aren’t really beauty related but are bblogger related.  I’ve been in love with the new layout for my blog.  I know it’s not massively different but the widths have been adjusted, the colouring is different, the title and text is different.  So lots of little changes, they’ve all added up to a blog I’m proud of and that I now post more on, I also generally spend more time on too!   I’m also very happy to have my own url, ainebeauty.com.  It was a big step to do that, it felt like a massive commitment.  Either way, I’ve fallen very much in love with my blog this month! Expect more random posting 🙂


Unfortunately I have a few fails this month.

February Fails
From bareMinerals I have two fails.  The first is a lipgloss in Puff Pastry.  I really disliked the scent of this gloss and I had to remove it from my lips as it was just too sickly for me.   I also found it to be very sticky.  Enough said.  The second product is the cream concealer from bareMinerals.  I originally received this as a PR Sample to review in August 2012 and I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan of it then, so it was put in a drawer and forgot about.  Recently there has been a flurry of bbloggers reviewing some bareMinerals products and some of them raved about this, so of course I dug mine out again.  It still don’t like it.  It creases very badly under-eyes, it breaks down incredibly quickly with any foundation I use – making spots more obvious.  It’s generally not a great concealer in my opinion.  I’ve spoken to quite a few other people that bought it and none of them liked it either.  So it’s left me slightly dubious of those that raved about it.  Clearly we’re missing something right….?   My final fail is a bit of a cult product, it’s Benefit’s Bikini-Tini.  I’m not a fan of the texture of this, it reminds me of vaseline.  It creases on my eyelids (even over primer), it’s hard to apply a smooth even coverage, it doesn’t really work well as a base for powder shadows.  Overall I really don’t like this, some people love it, it’s just not for me.  I think I will add this to my stash for a possible blog sale!

So that’s it!  Thank you for reading.  If you want a closer look at any of the above products you can check out my video below!

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