Sunday Night Pampering!

Sunday Night Pamper Goodies
So every weekend I try to give myself a wee bit of a pamper session, who doesn’t?  Tonight these are the goodies I am using.

Let us start with the scrub.  I’ve stopped using really exfoliating scrubs as they’re just as wee bit too harsh, so instead I’ve started using the Dr Jart+ Clear Away Gel.  This acts as a gentle exfoliator, it’s a very odd consistency and I find it works will with damp hands but a dry face.  I just splash my face with water to rinse it off.    I’ll then go in with these Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore strips.  These don’t really much for me as my blackheads on my nose aren’t massive, however, after testing these on my brother, they really do pull out some serious dirt if you have problem blackheads.  I use them to keep my blackheads at bay.

Now onto the actual face masks!  First up is a 5 minute mask from Liz Earle, it’s a Deep Cleansing mask and I really love this mask, it clears out any problems and soothes spots that may be on their way up.  It leaves my face feeling really clean and soft.  I use two small sponges to remove this mask, so my skin gets some extra exfoliation!  I’ve been following this up with my Rodial Glamoxy Snake mask.   This is a brightening mask, I’ve recently rediscovered this and I’m a tad in love with it again.  I’ve enjoyed using it after a deep cleanse masks as it just helps lift my skin and I noticed that my skin was positively glowing the next day after this combination.  I do actually leave the snake mask on for 20mins, which is something I was a bit worried about doing considering my skin worries, but to be honest, it was very relaxing and didn’t strip my skin.  This is a peel off mask.

Once the masks are done, time to add some hydration back into my skin.  I start with the Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  We all know my love of this stuff.  Seriously.  I put some on a cotton pad and remove any left over snake mask, then go in again with a fresh one, just for that extra boost.   When my skin has dried I apply some Hydraluron.  I apply this without following it with moisturiser as I find this is enough for my skin at this point.  It ensures my skin is nice and soft and well hydrated.   If when I’m going to bed my skin is feeling a touch dry I will apply my normal moisturiser.

So that’s it.  I’m often washing makeup brushes while doing this, or writing blogs or generally faffing about.  You don’t need to sit still to use face masks, unless it’s a sheet mask or from lush!  I do read blogs, watch videos or flick through magazines too…it is important to relax sometimes!

What are your pamper products of the moment?
Thanks for reading!

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