Time to sort my health out!

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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health, it always takes that shock to kick me into action.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not massively unhealthy at all, in fact I’m in pretty good shape.  Well I was until recently.  I’ve let a lot of things slide in recent months, between the pressures of work, stressing over wedding plans, getting fed up as I’m no longer able to travel to the Irish dance Worlds…well you get the general idea.

I did make a half hearted attempt at #CommitToGetFit at the start of the year.  I was eating well and exercising a bit.  This morning however, when I pulled on my skinny jeans that used to fit nicely (no muffin top a few months ago), I had to suck everything in just to zip them up!  It was touch & go whether or not they would zip up in the first place!

Now everyone is used to their body and have a weight they’re comfortable at.  I’ve always been around the 10stone mark.  I’m 5′ 8.5″, so that’s a good weight for me.  Plus when I’m dancing 3 times a week, pilates once a week and gym once or twice a week, well I have a fair amount of muscle – which is denser than fat.  So I aim for the 10stone mark always.  I rarely weigh myself.  I would guess I’m about half a stone heavier than I would like to be – based on how my clothes are fitting!  I’m a size 12 generally and I would like to stay that size.

I’m getting married in four months.  My wedding dress does not disguise anything.  So it’s time for action!  I need to up my exercise again – I’m only dancing once a week, pilates once a week and gym once a week.  I also need to stop eating everything I see!  I don’t really do diets.  I think a little bit of what you fancy is good for you!  It’s a shame I’ve been having a lot of what I fancy a lot of the time…. So time to introduce some self control again.  So for lent I’m giving up chocolate – I’ve developed quite a sweet tooth in recent months.  I’m also cutting down on the crisp front, cake front, well unhealthy food front in general!  We always make our dinners from scratch and they always include plenty of veg and good things.  I just need to reduce my portion sizes.

Finally for water.  I don’t drink enough water at all.  Often in work I might drink a single glass a day…not good.  So I’m aiming for two glasses to start and then three and so on until I’m drinking enough.

Why I’m doing it

 So this is my own kick up the rear.  Time to get myself healthy again so I can feel comfortable in my own skin.  This has nothing to do with wanting to be some crazy ideal dictated by the media.  It’s all about my health and knowing that I feel better and that my IBS behaves better when I eat more good foods than bad foods.  More exercise also means I sleep better, my skin stays clear of breakouts and it strengthens my bones and joints – something I worry about as osteoarthritis is something that is common in my family.  The good food and exercise also help to manage my endometriosis!  So all in all, it’s better for me all round to look after myself.  Plus my skinny jeans don’t squeeze my tummy as much when I look after myself – anyone else feel ill when they’re wearing tight clothes?

Thanks for reading!

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