What I’ve learnt through blogging?

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I missed the #bbloggers chat on Sunday but when I scrolled back through I thought it was a great topic and one I fancied doing a wee post on!


“Makeup tips you have learned/gained through blogging.”


  1. Not necessarily makeup, but I’ve learnt all about good skin care – you won’t get a nice application of makeup if your skin isn’t happy!  Double cleanse, is now part of my vocabulary!
  2. The importance of blending!! This applies to blending eyeshadow AND blush, yep, I’ve been seen in public with unblended shadow and blush, it’s kinda scary looking now when I see it on other people.
  3. How to blend, tied to the above point, but the common sense thing didn’t kick in for me, use gentle soft strokes!  This also applies to adding the crease colour etc.  Soft, gentle strokes folks!
  4. I’ve discovered all sorts of makeup products through blogging, not a tip as such, but I wouldn’t necessarily have checked some of the products out if it wasn’t for recommendations!
  5. When doing eyeliner, do your worse eye first! I learnt this from someone, not idea who, but cracking tip!
  6. Only use under-eye highlighter/concealer where you need it.  Another one that sounds like common sense, but I got swept up in the craze to do the V shape under my eyes.  It didn’t suit me, now I just do it close in around my tear duct to help cover the blueness.
  7. Something important I’ve learnt.  It is perfectly fine to wear whatever eyeshadow, lipstick, general face make up that you want!  No need to conform!
  8. I’ve learnt acceptance, again, not a tip.  This sounds odd.  I mean, I’m much more accepting of other people, I don’t care what you look like, it’s entirely up to you!  I’m also much more accepting of myself.  I wear whatever I want now too!


So those are some of the things I’ve learnt through blogging and youtubing. What have you learnt?  Let me know!


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