Be Kind To Yourself

For those of you that have come to know me, you’re probably aware that I’m organising a wedding!  Which is a bit full on, throw in a job that can be quite high stress (I’m the Senior QA/Software tester in a small company that deals with rather important clients).  Add in running an Irish dance school and keeping my beauty channel and blog on the go, well I’m stretching myself a tad thin.  I am not complaining.  I’m a very lucky girl to be honest, my OH does all the cooking and helps me out when he can.  That doesn’t mean I’m not a tad stressed!

So I thought it best to be kind to myself and allow myself some time off.  My regularly routine of bi-weekly face masks have come to a halt, so instead I’m going to take some time over the Easter Weekend to relax properly. So here are my plans.

I’m going to watch some of my favourite films, these range from musicals to cartoon films.  They make me happy!   I’ve also some reading I want to catch up on – honestly the stack of magazines I want to read is silly!  I like to go through them and cut out images that inspire me and paste them in a wee book that I keep with me.  Always useful when thinking up ideas!  Plus it’s quite enjoyable, my version of scrapbooking.

Brighton has lots of interesting events coming up during the month of May, from Open Houses to comedy festivals and the fringe festival.  We like to do some of the activities available, so we’ll have a flick through some of the programs and see if there’s anything of interest.  It’s quite nice having something to look forward to, so when I get over stressed I can think of that, rather than being overwhelmed by organising a wedding!

I’m a fan of doing my nails.  So I’m actually thinking about sitting down with a number of different polishes and playing with my unused nail art brushes!  I’m thinking spring flowers.

I really want to have a relaxing evening bath using my lovely Twilight bath bomb from Lush, something to help me relax.  I think adding a sheet mask while relaxing is also the way forward! I recently bought a facial massager from The Body Shop and enjoy using this to help my products absorb into my skin that bit more.

Finally I’m also a fan of reading books to relax.  Switching off the computer and phone and just reading a book, getting swept up in a different world, perfect way to escape for a few hours!

So that’s it.  That’s how I’m going to try and relax and be kind to myself.  I’ve noticed myself a bit more anxious and off centre, I think these things should help me settle again.  Remember folks, be kind to yourself.

Thanks for reading!

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