Fashion Haul (Teeny tiny)

I may have bought a few additional fashion pieces recently, sorry there are so many recent hauls but this is the end of them for a while.  So my mam was visiting and on Saturday we spent the day shopping.  Not for me, more for my mam, she has a wedding coming up.  Anyway, while pottering about in TK Maxx I spotted these tops!

Pura Seta Tops

I’ve been a fan of these style of tops for such a long time but never managed to lay hands on any that I really liked.  I love that they’re chiffon and there is a cami-top attached.  They hang beautifully and allude to your figure without being clingy in any way.  I did hem & haw over buying these as I’ve purchased so much already recently, but they were just too fabulous on.  I’ve actually not even tried on the navy version, after trying the white top I grabbed the navy on a whim on the way to the till!

I’ve searched online and only found the grey version (£19.99), but after all the pottering about on Saturday I’ve come to realise that this style of top must be in this season as I spotted similar in plenty of other shops.  To be fair we were mainly in Debenhams and BHS, so check there if you’re interested.
George Mint Pumps
These little beauties were a bit of a find!  I haven’t been in Asda for years, seriously.  We do our shopping on Tesco online, so rarely visit any supermarkets to be honest.  On Sunday we took a notion to do an indoor picnic so popped down to Asda to grab some bits, while there I had to of course visit George and fell in love with these rather glorious pumps!  In the description on the website they’re listed as Emerald, in real life, they’re mint.  You’re all aware I’m sure of my mint fascination, so these are likely no surprise!  They fit nicely and I’m hoping will wear well.  If they do I will definitely be picking up a second pair!  These retail for £10 and you can check them out in store or online.  There are other colours available.

So that’s it for my tiny little haul but I wanted to share them in case you fancied any of the items I purchased!  Plus I will undoubtedly put the in upcoming outfit posts.  I’m saying this now, I will not be buying anything for quite some time on the fashion front.  In fact, I’m going to purge my wardrobe and makeup collection this weekend hopefully, so I may end up doing a blog sale!

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