First Session with Personal Trainer

I thought I would share my first session with my personal trainer so if you were interested you might know what to expect and maybe be less intimidated by it all.  I say this because I was a tad intimidated.   On a side note I really like this image.  It is called The Virtuous Cycle and you can read more about it from the source on The Iron You website.

So my first session with my Personal Trainer was a bit of a rude awakening really.  It was my assessment, asking what I wanted out of it, taking my measurements and figuring out my BMI.  I’m not sure what my thoughts are on BMI but we’ll come back to that.   I have a body fat percentage of 34%.  That’s more than I thought it would be.  I knew I’d let things slide, this was obvious when my black skinny jeans resulted in a muffin top.  I just don’t feel comfortable in myself, which is more important to me.  Hence calling in the Calvary!

So after all the measurements and rude awakening we did a fitness test of sorts.  I rowed for about 5mins.  I did as many push-ups as I could in a minute (20), held plank pose for as long as I could (only a minute) and some strength tests for my arms – the weakest part.  We did check the stretch in my legs as that is something I’m a bit worried about, they were mostly fine but I need more.  There were tight points but they were expected.

All in all it lasted about half an hour.  It was fine, I was a bit off myself today due to my day being disrupted by plumbers and meetings.  I’m not making excuses, in fact I’m annoyed I didn’t workout properly, just makes me more determined.

So I’ve signed up for a plan starting at 5pm Friday 25th April and my trainer will devise a suitable plan of attack.  I’m going to have an hour session every fortnight.  I thought this would be best to have a plan to work to and have a check in twice a month so I can keep on track.  I will let you know how I get on.

I can confirm that it has already firmly kick me up the rear.  I’m back to the gym tomorrow and I’m even more determined to stick to eating cleaner – something I’ve already been working on!

If you’re interested I’ve mentioned some apps in this post that I’ve been using to help me keep on track.  I’ve noticed that if I keep a record of what I eat, I don’t eat as much rubbish!  I’m also testing out an app to help remind me to drink enough water – so far so good!

So that’s it.  If you’ve any questions please shout, if you’re on a similar journey I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.

Thanks for reading!

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