Mont Bleu Swarovski Embellished Line

Mont Bleu
So I was lucky enough to be contacted by a lovely PR from Mont Bleu, to ask if I would be interested in testing out some of their recent Swarovski products.  After checking their website and chatting with the PR person, I discovered I actually already owned a Mont Bleu mini glass file that I had received as a free gift with purchase from SpaceNK.  Needless to say I jumped at the chance to try a few more of their products!

The big glass file with the blue end is actually a Glass Foot File (or foot scraper) and this retails for 16€.  I’m a tad in love with this.  I’m an irish dancer and as you can probably imagine my feet aren’t exactly pretty.  This foot file is so quick and easy to use, my feet are now sandal ready!  Like all files it has a rough side and smoother side, perfect for buffing off that dead skin off.

Something to note with all of these glass files, they last for a very long time. We’re talking years.  Simply rinse them under warm water to remove any debris, once dry they are ready to go.  I’ve had my original one for well over a year and it is still as good as when I received it.
Now on to the Swarovski embellished goodies!  Honestly, aren’t they just so pretty and I’m not normally one for crystal embellished items.
Embellished Mont Bleu
I received a full sized file, which normally retails for 10€ (Swarovski Nail File WAC-M4) and a mini file, which normally retails for 8€ (Swarovski Mini Nail File B-S5).  I got a beautiful pair of Purple Swarovski tweezers which retail for 12€ and the last item is this cute plastic compact mirror ACSP-16.6, this retails for 12€.

I am very much in love with the nail files, I’m sure you’re aware of my growing love for nail products.  I keep the full sized file in my manicure kit to use weekly and the mini file in my beauty bag that lives in my handbag.  I’ve actually had someone comment on my mini file while using it in a cafe!  These are great files and are much better for keeping your nails healthy.  Plus the fact that I can just rinse them off and they’re as good as new, is a massive benefit.  I generally only use the less rough side for shaping my nails and they do a great job.

The tweezers are nice and sharp and help me tidy my eyebrows with ease.  These live on my dresser and I use them a few ties a week.

Finally for the compact.  I was a bit worried about this product as it is plastic, thankfully though this is a sturdy compact and I’ve had no issues.  You’ll notice that it isn’t missing any of the crystals and it’s not dented at all a month later, considering I’m not exactly the most gentle person with my makeup pouch, it tends to get swapped between bags on a regular basis.  So I’m impressed!
Mont Bleu Compact
I also like that this is a mirrored casing.  It makes the mirror itself seem bigger and slightly more elegant in my mind.  It also has a firm closing, so no chance of it popping open without a bit of help!

I know I’ve been sent these items for review, but I am in no way obliged to give a positive review, I haven’t been contacted by the PR since they sent the items.  I’m writing this simply because I really enjoy the products.  So if you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your daily routine, I would recommend checking these out!

Thanks for reading folks 🙂

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