The Blush Tag

This Tag has been doing the rounds and after a subscriber from my youtube channel suggested I’d do it, well I thought it might be something fun!
Blush Tag 1-4

The Questions:
1. How many blushes do you own?
38, including 4 blushes I put in a palette and a Sleek platter that I counted as one.

2. What is your favourite blush brush? 
Now I read this wrong when I recorded the video and missed the word brush…yep.  My current favourite blush is dandelion from Benefit.  My favourite brush is IB126 Chisel Powder/Blush brush from Crown Brushes.

3. Cream vs Powder? 
I’m a powder girl, I’ve a few cream blushes but my powder blushes far out number them.

4. Peach vs Pink & your favourite of each?  
Pink is my favourite, aside from dandelion I love mac’s Dollymix.  It’s a lovely sheer tone blush.   For peach blush I love Sugarbomb blush from the sugarlicious kit which has a bit of shimmer to it.  For a more matte finish I prefer Smashbox’s Idolize Me – I think this was limited edition.
Bush Tag 5
5. Drugstore vs High End & favourite brand of each? 
I’ve a pretty even mix of high end and drugstore blushes.  My favourite high end brand is Benefit, I’ve quite a few of them.  For drugstore I really like Sleek, such excellent pigmentation and really affordable.

Blush Tag 6-7
6. Most overrated?
At the time, the Revlon Photoready cream blush was entirely overrated in my opinion, I have the shade pinched and I’m entirely unimpressed by this blush.

7. Most underrated?
I never hear much about the No7 powder blushes.  I love this blush, it’s one of my favourites during the Spring and Summer months.

Blush Tag 8-10
8. Worth the hype? 
Benefit blushes.  I’ve said enough about them.  They’re excellent.
9. Top 5 blushes everyone must own?
I decided to go with 5 brands.  I like the mac sheertone blushes, the NYX blushes, Benefit blushes, bareMinerals blushes.  The last blush is a single favourite, it’s a ByTerry cream blush is Apple Glow, I love it a lot, it’s excellent for wearing on those “No Hassle” days.  It goes well over BB Creams, light foundation, you get the idea.  I think these are worth trying out!
10. What blushes are on your wish list? 
The Tarte Amazonian blushes are definitely on my wishlist and the MaxFactor cream blushes are on there too.
So that’s it!  This originally can from Love Heatherette, you can check out her video here.  You can also watch the video down below if you fancy a closer look at the blushes.