The etc Magazine Show!

On Saturday we went for a wee day out!  I picked up some tickets to the etc magazine show from livingsocial, I just thought it might be something different.  It is a home, garden, food and lifestyle show.  So a little bit of everything.  As you can imagine I went for the “lifestyle” section mainly – well the women’s zone anyway, plus I hoped I might see something inspirational for our wedding venue decoration.


We did take a picture at the end of our fun at the show – I didn’t notice until after there was a typo…such a muppet sometimes!


etc magazine photo booth

There were some chats going on an Linda Lusardi was doing a demo of her skin care line.  I tried the day moisturiser and it felt fabulous, I think it’s not too overly expensive. Although I’m all sorted for skin care at the minute!
Linda Lusardi
There were some wonderful stalls, although not as many as I would like.  I did, unsurprisingly, find a candle stall.  It was Copenhagen Candles I believe, unfortunately their website doesn’t sell their candles.  I picked up a Large Vanilla & Sandalwood candle in a glass jar, I bought it for half price!


Claudia Made This
There were quite a few jewellery stalls, lots of kitsch items. I found it hard resisting lots of the lovely quirky things, I did give in and pick up a pair of earrings from Claudia Made This – you can see the gap in the photo where my earrings were!  She was lovely and I would really recommend checking out her etsy shop.  Lovely, cute items that are really reasonably priced.  I even managed to talk her into being in a photo!


Claudia from Claudia Made This
She was sharing a space with Cat A Cake, which has some lovely items too, but I was trying to be sensible and the lovely earrings from Claudia Made This won on the day.  I would definitely recommend checking out Cat A Cake though, some fab bits.


Now on to nails, which for me was the most exciting bit!  You may not be aware of this but I have a bit of a nail obsession…yep, its true.


MoyouNails sell nail stamping kits.  The one in the picture is the Salon Suitcase, I went for one of the pro sets.  It came with a plate, a scraper, a stamp and a corrector pen.  I have more than enough polish, but I was sorely tempted to get the salon suitcase!  Into the bargain I also got a free polish and 3 of the smaller plates.  All for £60!  The pro sets normally retail for £64.99, there are smaller sets available if you wanted to just dip your toe, or you can buy individual plate and polishes if you’d prefer.


Moyounails nail station
I did get a few stamps tested on me before purchasing, I have to say the woman doing the selling was very good!  Plus she was lovely!  I do have a picture of her but I don’t think she was keen on having it taken, so I thought I’d leave it out!


Be warned I will be doing a review post on my purchase and I’ve no doubt the various nail designs I do will turn up on my instagram, so keep your eyes peeled!


Unfortunately I didn’t have any joy on the wedding decoration front.  Better luck next time!
I will do a haul of some of the items I bought – I’ve done a wee bit of shopping recently, so it will be a collective affair!


Thanks for reading


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