Weight Loss Apps!

I’ve been using a few apps recently to help me lose weight, I thought it might be useful to share them!

First up is MyFitnessPal.  This has an app side and a website, so you’ve two locations to enter your daily food intake.  I’ve gradually got in the habit of putting all my food in here.  I mean all of it!  It has made me more aware of what I’m actually eating and how many calories I’m taking on each day.  I generally like this app. I’m not a fan of calorie counting to be honest, it annoys me to see the sugar content of fruit etc, as I know they’re good foods.  However, this app has been helping break the cycle of eating chocolate and other sugary foods – as well as fatty foods.  It also helps me drink enough water everyday, it has a section specifically for recording your water intake each day…I’m woeful at drinking water, so this has helped!
It has also helped to push me at the gym as I want to burn more calories than I’m taking on!  I record my gym exercise routine in MyFitnessPal too.  I will admit this is a bit of a faff, but once you’ve entered them once, you can easily reuse these entries and just adjust the reps/weights/time spent.  The same applies to entering foods, it is an initial faff, but if you eat the same snacks each day, or same breakfast, you can easily select previously entered foods.  I’ve adjusted to using it with relative ease – I generally like entering my food via the website as I sit in front of my computer all day, so it’s just easier to do.

Next up, Endomondo.


I’ve been using Endomondo to record my daily walk too and from work.  This plugs into MyFitnessPal app, so all my activities are also put in MyFitnessPal, calculating my calories burnt.  I like this for my walking, as I do tend to walk a lot each week.  Between my walk to work, walks into town and walks along the cliffs…well it’s good to have something record it all!  Plus it has GPS so you can track your route.  You can also listen to your music through this app.  It will update you when you hit mile markers to let you know your speed – that extra wee bit of motivation when you’re slowing down 🙂

All in all I’ve lost about 4 pounds in the past month, but I’ve had a disastrous few days on the food front – I was at a few training days and a conference.  The exercise came to a halt as well, I just didn’t have time between everything.  So I’m back on the bandwagon again this week!!  My user name on MyFitnessPal and on Endomondo is mcgoveraine if you wanted to find me.

Have you found any good apps to help with weightloss? Let me know, or if you have a great app for healthy recipes! That would be a winner.
Thanks for reading!

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