Elegant Touch Express Press-On Nails Review

Elegant Touch Express Press On Nails
I recently had my engagement photo shoot and my nails were not looking the best, so I thought it would be wise to get some french tips.  I decided to try out the French Pink manicure from Elegant Touch Express Press-On Instant Manicure (£7.99).

I’m in two minds with these nails.  They’re a great length and the look nice.  They’re also really easy to apply, I picked out the nails that matched the size of my nails and laid them out ready to use.  Then I took the wipe provided and cleaned my nails, removing any residue.  Once my nails had dried I started applying each nail, you simply peel the plastic off the back of the nail and place it close to the base of my nail and check it’s sitting straight.  Once I was happy that it was straight I pressed it on, I held it on for a few minutes each per nail.

This is the end result
Elegant Touch Express Nails
Close up
They don’t look half bad.  I was happy with these for the photo shoot, however, my gripe is that they don’t feel secure.  If you look at the base of my nails in the close up photo, you can see that the glue doesn’t seem to cover the entire nail.  So I actually considering removing them as I can’t use my fingers properly as the nails are in the way – I’m too worried about them popping off!

If I compare them to imPress Nails which I’ve used previously and enjoyed, I have to say I prefer the imPress Nails.  I did a bit of a how-to post here for the imPress Nails if you’re interested.  I can’t seem to find the imPress Nails in my local boots, but they’re still available online.

All in all I would say these nails are great for an occasion as they do look lovely, but I doubt they will last the week.   If you have the choice though, get imPress Nails instead!

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