Health & Fitness Update!

Salad Lunch
Time for a bit of an update on my health & fitness, generally where I’m at.  Doesn’t my lunch look tasty – I know I’m bias but it’s so colourful, it’s something I’ve been really enjoying.   I’ve managed to lose 9lbs over the past month or so and this is how I’ve been doing it.

Since my last post about my change in lifestyle, I’ve definitely been eating much better.  I’ve had a few slips but generally I’m eating smaller portions and I’ve been finding it easier to say no to chocolate, crisps, baked goodies and other general junk food.  I think this is because I keep visualising my end goal – looking fabulous on my wedding day!

My lunches tend to be salads, I know some find it boring, but I love them.  I get a mixed salad pre-made bowl, so I’ve a good mix of leafy greens.  Then I’ll lightly fry up some a mushroom or two and  two thin slices light halloumi (I cut it up after cooked).  I also make myself some cous cous, about 50grams – this is really easy, you just need some boiling water, I use a bowl and pop a small plate over the top and leave it for a few minutes.  I bring a small bit of salad dressing, I only use a small amount as I don’t want to undo the goodness of the salad but I like a touch of additional flavour! I may also add some minty bean salad, or semi-dried tomatoes, it all depends on what I have in the fridge.  I do mix up the additional foods but keep the base the same, it helps to keep it varied.

Another change I’ve been making, only having one slice of toast with my egg in the mornings.  I think lots of wee changes add up.  I don’t have full fat anything – mostly because I’m not a fan of overly creamy foods.  I’m also heading to the gym more regularly.  I’m getting twice a week – I’m trying to figure out a way of upping this.  I’m still dancing once a week and teaching twice a week.  Plus I walk to and from work.  My water intake has improved, it’s still not what it should be but I’m definitely taking on more water that I used to!  It helps to make me feel better in myself, everything seems to work better – although it hasn’t helped to improve my skin much….wedding stress is fighting back!

I want to lose another 7lbs but it’s getting difficult to lose the last half stone.  Hence feeling the need to get to the gym more often.  All in all I’m happy with my progress but my skinny jeans are still too tight (they fitted perfectly last summer).  So I’m going to introduce a morning session to the gym I think!  So I’ll let you know how I go.

If you follow me over on instagram, you’ll have no doubt seen my various food pictures of lunch or dinner.  Plus the odd exercise picture of my sweaty face.  I’ve started following some health and fitness instagrams too in a bid to keep me motivated.  How do you keep motivated?

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