Makeup Inventory!

Makeup Inventory
So I’ve decided it is time to take stock of my makeup collection and start to invest more time in playing with my collection.

Let’s have a brief look at my existing collection.  This is not any kind of boosting post, it’s more about making me accountable and more aware of how much I already own.  I’ve decided I have more than enough – especially as I’m not a makeup artist, all this makeup is just for me!  I have already done a purge of items that just don’t work for me, or that I’ve never used in all the time I’ve owned it!  Expect to see a blog sale for items I’m happy selling, the rest will turn up in an empties post at the end of the month.
Makeup Inventory
As you can see from the list I’ve a few things.  I’ve laminated my list so I can update it with a sharpie, it will be good to see some of these numbers go down!  So let’s have a quick look at my makeup collection – you can check out the video below for a closer look.
Bottom Storage Drawers
Middle Storage Drawers
Top Storage Drawers
Palettes that won’t fit in my storage
Nail Polishes that don’t currently have a permanent home
So I’ve decided I’m going to focus on using up my foundation samples first as I want to reduce the number of foundations I own in general!  I have 11 foundations, I want to reduce that to 9 in the next two months, I also want to have used up all my foundation samples.  I’m also planning on using up a few lipsticks as I’ve yet to completely finish up a lip product before it dried up or went off!

You can check out the video below if you want a closer look at my makeup collection.


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