Nails of the Week, Barry M Aquarium Pacific

Barry M Aquarium Pacific
I’ve had this polish for a few weeks and thought it about time I tested it out!  This is a real two toned polish, in some lights its a beautiful blue, in others it has a green metallic sheen.

Barry M Aquarium Pacific, Blue tone
I’ve attempted to get pictures of the different tones.  Above you can see the deep blue colour that comes through.  Below is the green metallic sheen, that becomes more obvious in brighter lights.  I tend to wear all colours year round but for those of you that reserve your bolder shades for the warmer months, I think this is perfect for summer!

Barry M Aquarium, green tone
I really like this polish.  It applied well, I went for two coats to get the true colour but you could do one coat for a nice wash of colour.  I was tempted to leave it at one coat but really fancied a stronger shade on my nails.  I picked this up at Superdrug as part of one of their many offers, but it normally retails for £3.99 individually.  I think there may even be a 3 for 2 on at the minute, so worth a wee look?!  I have another one from this line, so I’ll test that out next I think.

Have you tried any from this line? Would you recommend any other shades?
Thanks for reading!

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