Soap & Bath Ballistic Workshop!

All my goodies wrapped up ready for home!
Not too long ago, I spent a few hours at the Soapy Cauldron with some friends making soaps and bath bombs/ballistics.  It was a great way to spend a few hours and make some fabulously tailored bath goodies.  This post is a bit image heavy – you’ve been warned!

We were fortune to spot this workshop on LivingSocial, so we were all able to do it for about £20 each – not bad for the experience of doing it and getting to take some the products you make.  You can check out more about the Soapy Cauldron’s parties and workshops here, it might be something fun for you and friends, or for children’s parties!
Back to the actual making process.  The first layer was a clear liquid soap with oats mixed in, the oats should act as a bit of an exfoliant.  Everything was measured for us which avoided too much faffing, but it means I’ve forgotten the names of everything…sorry.
First Layer
Scents Used
Soap Toppers and Next Layer
While the first layer was setting we created our soap toppers, I went with yellow ducks, mainly because I thought they were fun – it was a toss up  between the ducks and some penguins!  It was fun mixing the colours – we mixed the fragrance and colours, so you would get a shade you really wanted.  For the second layer I mixed a lovely lavender colour, seriously, so pretty!  I had some purple left over so I made more ducks 🙂


Ducks on Top
Whipped Topping
So once the ducks had set I popped them on top of my previous two layers to check the positioning and the top white final layer was poured around my toppers.  I attempted to “whip” the top layer, I’m not sure how successful that was but I still think they’re pretty.  A small bit of glitter was added over the top, just because.
We then stopped for a cup of tea and a wee break before starting on the bath bombs.  Now I didn’t get many pictures of the process, basically they measured out all the powders we needed, most of which are really easy to find in most kitchens, I may actually look this up, I remember the citric acid was the one ingredient that was often hard to find.  Once we added our colours and fragrance, we added the powder into two halves of a mould.  This was then pressed together – so I got a mini workout along the way 🙂
Bath Bombs/Ballistics
I quite like how mine turned out!  Again with the lavender/lilac, but I did do some green and yellow ones too!  The one left in the mould didn’t quite have enough powder, so we left it to set a wee bit longer – it was fine in the end.   You can see below all my finished soaps and bath bombs.  I even had some left over duck soaps!
Everyone else went with more traditional looking soaps, with fruit toppers or flower toppers…I liked my ducks!


Group Shot
So that’s it!  It was a fun way to spend a few hours and I would recommend checking out, the two ladies that ran it were lovely and made the whole experience enjoyable.  Soapy Cauldron do DIY kits that you can buy online, something to consider if you can’t make it for a day in the workshop.  They also sell all sorted of other products and they sell them online too, I did buy a few wee bits on the day too because I simply couldn’t resist!  They all smelt so good and looked really cute.  You can check out their shop here.  I did include a small bit of the day on a recent vlog if you fancy a nosey.


Thanks for reading!


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