Blogging Tips: How I stay Organised!

Staying Organised
Now as some of you already know from my previous posts, I run a beauty YouTube channel , a vlog channel and this blog.  I also work full time, I teach Irish dancing a few evenings a week and I’m planning my wedding which is in a few weeks.  So I’ve had a bit of practice of getting organised and these are a few things that work for me!

  • Notebooks.  I like to carry a notebook around with me at all times, that notebook on the left with all the scribbles, that lives in my various bags.  I also keep a mechanical pencil handy, I just prefer them to pens.  I make lists of videos & blogposts I want to do, then on a separate page I make a list of the points I want to discuss about each topic.  
  • My diary is pretty important.  From my list of topics I’ll pick three I want to chat about that week, my weekly makeup box is generally always in there unless I have too many other topics I really want to chat about!  I make a note of the topics I’m chatting about in my diary, that way I can let my brain mull them over a bit.
  • Lists.  I make To Do lists for each day, so if I have to re-record a video I’m not happy with I know I can get it done on Tuesday evenings, or if I need to write a blogpost during the week I know when I need to get it done by.  The same applies to taking pictures throughout my week!  Generally everything relating to when I need videos and posts edited by, goes in my diary!  It means I don’t forget something – which at the minute is highly likely.  My wedding To Do lists go in there too.
  • Recording & Picture schedule.  I tend to record my videos on the weekend, I’ll record 3 in one sitting.  It’s the only time I have available to do it, so I make the most of it!  After recording my videos I will take pictures for each of the three videos, at least that way I know that I have three subjects all sorted for both places.  Plus I already have the lighting set up, so why not make the most of it!
  • Extras.  I like to pop up two additional post for my blog – on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  These can be anything from Style to Fitness.  I try to pick the topics the weekend before but sometimes I will feel the need to chat about something new!  If possible I’ll get some photos taken for the posts on the weekend.  This doesn’t always work but I don’t beat myself up about it, I’ll take the pictures the evening before and then write them on the day.  If I’m doing a Style post, I need to make sure I get some good outfit pictures either over the weekend or at some point in my mornings before I leave for work.  I tend to plan the outfit beforehand and pop a note in my diary.
  • Product links.  I get my videos edited on the weekend and start uploading.  It can often take a while for videos to upload, that gives me time to pop in some video blurb, then I get started on editing the pictures for the matching post.  Once I have the post written with photos I adding links if needed.  I will gather these in one go, I find the product, use the big link for the blog and use to shorten the link for the video blurb.  I often also use skimlinks if an affiliate link is available.  I’ve yet to make a penny off an affiliate link but I’m sure one day I will!
  • Scheduling!  This is incredibly handy.  Once everything is all in place I will make sure I set my future dates and times.  This is very satisfying!  I also currently use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets letting folks know about my posts – this means I can tweet in the middle of the night, or when I’m teaching, or when I’m at the gym.   I do still post randomly on twitter but it’s great to know I’ve scheduled tweets about my posts.

So that was a bit longer than I intended but I thought I’d add a wee bit of detail of how I manage it all.  It’s important not to beat yourself up if you don’t get every post up on time.  You’re followers or subscribers follow you because they like your content and aren’t going to unfollow just because you’re a tad late posting!   Remember it’s supposed to be fun, by organising yourself you’re just taking the stress out of the process!  Well for me anyway 🙂

If you have any hints or tips please share them down below!
Thanks for reading!

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