How goes my weight loss?! Quick update!

So time for another health and fitness update, you can check out my previous post here.  I went to the gym on Tuesday for my measurements update, I was a tad nervous, especially considering it was my hen party at the weekend….I may have consumed large amounts of cocktails but I did keep my food pretty healthy!

So let’s talk stats!
My Measurements

As you can see I’ve lost 1.5kgs since my first weigh in for my PT – so since 15 April ish, you can read that blogpost here,  In total I’ve lost 10lbs since the 17th March when I started recording my weight, so I’m really pleased!  I’ve lost 3cm off my waist and 3cm off my hips.  My thighs have actually increased in size – I’m an irish dancer, I have strong thighs and I’m pleased they’re getting stronger!  My arms are getting a bit bigger too, so I’ve toned them up and I’m actually getting muscles there, seriously, I’m impressed.  The biggest difference is the body fat measurements.

The first measurement is taken from the bingo wing area, it’s dropped from 27 to 19.  The mid measurement is taken from the tummy area, it has gone from 38 to 25.  The finally lower measurement is taken from the thighs, it has only gone from 28 to 27 – again this might only decrease a wee bit more, those big strong thighs aren’t going to shrink a whole pile!  So overall my body fat has gone from 34% to 27.7%!  I’m really pleased about my tummy area shrinking, that is my problem spot and it’s really good to see that improving.  Only recently I’ve started to notice proper dints in my tummy, so it’s getting there!  I’ve also generally noticed my shape toning up, I look slimmer now, it has taken such a long time for me to see a truly noticeable difference. I can understand how people can get disheartened because they can’t see the difference.  My only words are – keep going, you will see it, it will totally be worth it when you do! Give it at least 6 weeks!

It’s a slow burn for me, a thoroughly gradual process.  This suits me as I know that if I lose weight slow and steady, making sure I’m eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, drinking plenty of water and only having small amounts of “naughty” foods, I will be better able to keep the weight off and maintain a healthy weight for me.  It’s always easier in the warmer months anyway!

I’m really pleased on my weight loss and it’s excellent to see those measurements change – I was utterly gutted after the first measurements, but it got me moving and I’m now feeling healthier and I’m a bit happier in my skin. I’d definitely like to lose another 4 pounds, this will get me to the 10stone mark.  After that I just want to tone everything up a bit.  I will do another update in a few weeks, closer to my wedding day!

Thanks for reading!  If you’re on a weight loss journey, let me know how you’re getting on, it’s good to chat people going through similar.  I hope your journey is going well!

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