Love Me Beauty June Unboxing!

Love Me Beauty June Edition 1
It’s Love Me Beauty’s birthday!  Happy birthday Love Me Beauty!  I was really excited about this month’s subscription box.   I went with Edition 1 from the options offered, there are some interesting makeup and skin care products to try.

Edition 1
Let’s start with the skin care products.  First up is a Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque from Montagne Jeunesse (£1).  I’ve already used this and I a fan, more of a review later.  I do love a pamper session!  The next skin care products is from Urban Veda and its’ a Purifying Day Cream (£14.99 full size).  This smells incredibly refreshing, the spearmint really shines through.

Now for makeup!  From Beauty UK I received the Earth Child eyeshadow palette (£3.99), there seems to be a mix in the quality of shadows so I’ll have to thoroughly tests them out.  Next up is a Shine Ultra Lip Gloss from Model Co (£12), this seems to be a nice colour although I’m not the biggest fan of lip gloss.  From NYX I got this rather wonderful neon pink nail polish called Pink On Steroid.  The picture does not do this shade justice at all, it is incredibly neon, love it.  The final makeup product that was included was a extra!  It’s from Jelly Pong Pong, it is an eyeliner and eyeshadow pencil in a rather wonderful chocolate brown shade.  It seems to have a metallic sheen too.  Unfortunately I can’t find the name, but I could be missing the point.  We’re also got a discount voucher for flavourly, something I may check out.

You can check out the video below, I’ve done a few swatches of some of the makeup products.
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