Love Me Beauty May Review

Love Me Beauty May Review
I managed to test out all the products from May’s Love Me Beauty subscription box.  I went with Edition 1 box in May, although mine seemed different than quite a few other people that had Edition 1.  I was really pleased with the selection!

Love Me Beauty
Let us start with the set of 3 notebooks from GO Stationery, I got the Vintage Ditsy set.  I’ve not used these as I already have a stash of unused notebooks, although I am looking forward to using them!  They’re a great size and remind me of moleskin notebooks.  This set retails for £5 from the website, there are other sets available too!  I’m really pleased to own these and will definitely be checking out a few more when I eventually need more.  Another lifestyle product is the teapigs chocolate flake tea, I had 3 teabags and I’ve managed to keep one for this post.  I love this tea and will without doubt be purchasing a box of 15 for £3.99 soon!  Luckily a local coffee house sells them, you can also buy them online from the teapigs website.

Now for skin care.  I got this great little trial set of suti balms – not everyone got this set with their Edition 1 box.  The set came with a Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous Foot Balm.  I’m not the biggest fan of these balms, they tend to leave a greasy residue as they all contain shea butter.  Not something you want from your cleansing balm.  I will finish the Purity Balm as it works well for my dry elbows and the Fabulous Foot balm works well on my feet but I don’t think I’ll rush out to purchase the full sizes.  You can get the trial size from the website for £6.50, it also contains two face oils and a face moisturiser, so these might be worth a look!

Another skin care type item is this wonderful natural lip balm from Raw Skincare in Hint of Mint.  I really love this lip balm, it feels nourishing on my lips, probably due to the organic coconut oil and cocoa butter.  I do have to reapply it after an hour or two, so I don’t think this would be an overnight lip treatment, however it is ideal for during the day.  It feels much better for my lips than my chapstick anyway!  This retails for £1.98 from the website and I will definitely check out more from this brand.

The final product in the box is this wonderfully beautiful nail polish from nailgirls in the shade Nude Pink.  This is a great “free from” polish, so it doesn’t contain those ingredients that can often cause peeling, chipping, discolouration, drying of your nails – all that bad stuff.  The colour is great and with just two coats I had a fully opaque medium pink on my nails.  I’m not one for wearing soft pinks on my nails, so I’m really pleased to find this shade that I utterly love!  I have bookmarked the website and found them on facebook, I will be purchasing more from this brand, I may replace my nail polishes with some of these when I feel the need to replace a colour!  These nail polishes retail for £13.50 from the nailgirls website.

All in all a good box.  I liked the lip balm, nail polish, notebooks and tea, I’m not keen on the suti products.

If you want to watch me chat about the products you can check out the video below.
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