Day Tripping: Bateman’s House & Gardens

We recently went for a nice day out.  Just what was needed in the run up to the wedding, a few hours of not thinking about it!  We made good use of our National Trust membership and headed to Bateman’s in West Sussex, it has Jacobean house which was the home of Rudyard Kipling!

Plenty of pictures for you to escape into – apologies but they’re a tad big, I didn’t want to reduce the quality of them too much.
Garden Arch

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, it was looking grey, overcast and rainy until we got on the road.  When we arrived, the sun had appeared!  Once we sorted our entry we went through a beautiful gate to the grounds and were greeted by a wonderful herb garden along the path.  There were lots of different types of mint, we picked a leaf from each and decided the peppermint and maple mint were our favourites.  There were some interesting herb names that were definitely Hogwarts worthy, including Soapwort and Sneezewort!
Simon Running Away
There was a beautiful little pond which had a boatman pottering about on, it was surrounded by manicured lawns and flowers.
To the Lily Pond
Below is a note typed up by Rudyard for a specific guest, he thought the guest walked too quickly and did far too much of it!  So typed up this little note and pinned it to the guest bedroom door.
Slow Walking Only
Bedroom Window

Rudyard Kipling’s office
His office walls are covered with heavily laden bookshelves, my kind of office!  I would be very happy to spend hours upon hours in this room, although not sure on the rug.  I would love to be a writer, genuinely.  From a very young age I have been absorbed my books and I’m convinced everyone has a story to tell – it’s all in how it’s told.  So this is the kind of place I could happily spend hours writing – the sight of his typewriter made me smile, as did the crumpled pages!
Interesting rug….
After investigating the house, we did some more strolling around the grounds and discovered some chickens…bit random but they made us chuckle!
See it made us all smile!  (Yep, pure cheese)  Although impressive looking Box Hedge, always good to have a smiley face about.
A Very Happy Box Hedge..
We took advantage of the tarten rugs available and had a sandwich & cream tea with multiple cups of tea all on one of the lawns, a rather wonderful lunch in my opinion!  So that was our day out.

You can check out our vlog below of our day out if you fancy more of a look around the house & gardens.  You can check out our vlog channel here, we post every Sunday generally!


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