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If like me, you’re short on space but are in desperate need of a desk to sit at, this could be the solution for you!  We live in a small one bed flat that is already a bit too full for my liking and I didn’t really want to add another desk to any of the rooms.  My solution?  Create a temporary desk that I could easily put away when I was done with it!

Laminated Wood
My husband found this piece of laminated wood that was being thrown out, so we took it! We then added two strips of wood to the back, just screwing them in place, then added an extra block on the end so I could hook it into the top drawer of my chest of drawers!  You may not need the extra blocks, investigate your chest of drawers, mine have some wood that hooks down.  You might be able to ask kitchen showrooms if they have something similar that they’re chucking, or a hardware shop.  That or you could buy a hard, thick piece of mdf.  Here’s a look from the back after I’ve added some wrapping paper.
Wrapped Wood
You can see I’ve just wrapped it like you would wrap a present.  I’ve used wrapping paper as I’ve not decided which colour I wanted to paint it and I wanted something to make it look nicer for now.   Plus it means I can change it up when I get bored with it or it gets covered in makeup!

Office Desk
So that’s the end result!  Relatively easy to achieve.  It is slightly tilted up but I don’t mind that as it’s easier on my wrists – too many years of playing the piano and sitting in front of a keyboard.  If you don’t like this you could cut out some of the strips of wood allowing it to rest on the the edge of the drawer.

Have you done a similar DIY project?  I’d love to hear about it, I’m always looking out for new ideas.  I think next I may have to recover my chair and give it a fresh lick of paint.

Thanks for reading!

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