GlamGlow YouthMud Mask, Worth The Hype?

GlamGlow YouthMud
I got this from Rebecca Lately in our USA/UK makeup swap, you can check those posts out here Part One/ Part Two.  I had seen all the posts and all the hype surrounding this face mask, so I put it on my wishlist without thinking I would get it!  So you can imagine my delight when I did get it 🙂

So let’s get into it.

This is a really thick, green mud mask with bits in.  It has quite a rough consistency, it almost feels like there is sand running through it.  I generally applied this to my T-Zone and chin area, you can see from my fabulous selfie below.  It takes about 20mins to dry, sometimes a wee bit longer.
Dodgy Selfie
You can see below what it looks like dry.  It becomes incredibly stiff, to the point where it hurts to move your face.  Seemingly you can see the dirt coming out of your pores as it dries, personally I’ve never see this, it just looks like the mask is drying in a lumpy fashion!  There is a warm tingling sensation that feels a tad odd the first time you use it, but you get used to it and it stops after a few minutes anyway!  Once dry I found it easiest to use a warm wet face cloth to remove it.
Dried Face Mask
This does definitely give me a very deep clean, much more than other masks I’ve tried.  The only issue with this is that I tend to get breakouts because of it!  So do not use this right before an important event, do it at least a week or two before hand.  However, if you’re skin is in really bad shape (mine was), then this will sort it right out.  My skin appears much more radiant and feels smoother after using this, feeling really very clean.  A few days after using this mask I tend to apply a lighter mask just to help clear the spots (The Ren Glycolactic radiance renewal mask* generally) that might have appeared and to just generally sooth everything back down.  Thus almost resetting my skin on a more balanced, even keel.  Sometimes after using this mask my skin can feel a little tight, so I follow it with my serum, or a moisturising mask – again nothing too heavy, but enough for my skin to “relax”.

I will only bust this out if in desperate need and it does feel like quite a pamper when I use it.  It’s unlike any other masks I’ve used.  For me it is entirely worth the hype.  Unfortunately my little pot is now empty and I will be considering buying a full size once I’ve used up my other sample sachet.  I’m also very interested in the rest of the GlamGlow range.

From my 15g pot and I got at least five uses, the normal retail size is 50g.  This retails for anywhere between £34.99 from lookfantastic* or £37.99 from feelunique* or up to £49.99 from GlamGlow directly.  Something to note, it can dry out in the pot if not used, so I made an effort to make sure I used it on a regular-ish basis and never had any issues with it drying out.

Have you used this mask or some of the others from the range?  Which one would you recommend?  Suggestions welcome!

Thanks for reading

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