I Will Love My Bedroom…

So I fell entirely out of love with my bedroom, well our bedroom, quite a while ago.  It prevented a good night’s sleep and it generally stressed me out, I didn’t want to be there.  Although not ideal, this is also the space I use to record all my YouTube videos, take blog pictures and get ready for my day!  Let me show you why I wasn’t happy with the set-up.  I thought I would show you our bedroom warts & all.  What you can’t see in the photo below is a 3 door wardrobe with multiple vacpack bags on top.  Serious clutter going on in this room!
Unhappy Bedroom


You can see where my makeup stash was spreading across the windowsill.  The clutter was my main issue, it just made it hard to relax.  I wanted somewhere I enjoyed being.  So we up-ended the bed and decided to start rearranging everything.


Slightly happier bedroom
 We’ve moved the bed against a different wall and opened up more space, the 3 door wardrobe now sits to the right, nicely out of the way.  Below is the new location of the bed.  We also got a few pictures to take away the stark look of the blank white walls and also added few floral lights along the top of the bed.  We will get matching bedside drawers at some point!
Bed in new location!


So far so good.  We still had clutter and not enough storage to cope with everything.  The next port of call, better storage and thicker curtains.  I’ve craved blackout curtains for the longest time but could never justify it, well now it was time.  I’m a terrible sleeper at the best of times, but the amount of light that was leaking into the room because of streetlights was lighting up the whole room – I may also have particularly good night vision.  Either way my sleep has suffered because of it.
Below is the current set up of our bedroom.  We got new drawers which has massively helped with storage.  I no longer have boxes of random beauty products lying about – everything fits in the narrow set of drawers and all our clothes fitted nicely in the wider set of drawers.  We also got heavier black out curtains, which definitely have improved the situation but with one problem.  As the curtains are on a pole, they sit out from the wall so light still shows between the gap of curtain and wall.  The only things that might help, a blind or blinds and maybe a curtain valance.


So Close
Hillarys Blinds are running a summer bedroom design competition at the minute, which is frankly, excellent timing!  So let’s have a look at what lovely bits I would add to finish off the bedroom.


First up, the blind of the month is Monochrome Midnight, which is quite an elegant classic blind, so can easily be paired with other colours, which is what I would do.  I’m a fan of florals at the minute, not the old fashioned florals of my childhood but the lovely modern vibrant, intricate floral patterns that are available today.
Monochrome Midnight
I would also add a curtain valance to help blend the monochrome in with the existing theme of our bedroom.  I spotted the Wild Poppies Amethyst material, also from Hillarys Blinds, I thought this would be a beautiful way tying in my existing biscuit-y taupe curtains and the monochrome tones of the blind, while adding a nice floral touch! Winner.


Wild Poppies Amethyst
Add in a few other touches like this beautiful grey Bouji chair from Made.  I love the colourful legs and stud work, again helping to tie in the colours from in our bedroom and the monochrome blinds!


Bouji Chair from Made


There are plenty of other lovely things I would like you add, you can check out my Pinterest board below for a closer look.  One other thing I had to mention, is a dressing table.   Like quite a few people, I have longed to own a beautiful dressing table and this table would match our new drawers and I would be able to sit on the beautiful Bouji chair in front of it.


Dressing Table from Barker & Stonehouse
I think these items would finish off my bedroom nicely.  With the beautiful blind and valance I may finally fall asleep easier and sleep the whole night through!  Then in the morning, to sit on a beautiful chair at dressing table to apply my face for the day.   All of it giving a really pleasing finish to the room, I could see myself spending more and more time in my bedroom, playing with my makeup, writing up posts, reading, generally just enjoying a beautiful space.  Something I have not had for years, so now that I’ve started, I’m determined to finish!


Thanks for reading!


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