Resolutions…Have I kept them?!

Like many other bloggers I published my New Year’s Beauty Resolutions back in January.
I’m sure I’m not the only one that tends to fail with resolutions, I was determined though!

Let’s have a look at the beauty resolution front!


  1. Use more samples! I have definitely been working on this, my sample selection has without doubt dwindled!  I also got rid of some samples that wouldn’t suit my skin or they were the wrong shade etc.  My perfume samples are down to 2!  I’m quite proud of myself on this one!
  2. Do Looks from the Books series!  I have failed on this front a bit.  I have definitely done a few tutorials, but I think I should do more.  I’m still lacking confidence on this front to be honest, I know I’m not the best but I need to be aware that I’m not that bad either.  I just need to sort better photos so my blogpost are more useful and be more positive in my videos.  They’re a work in progress though, I’m getting there.
  3. Play more!  I have been better on this front definitely.  Although it’s easy to slip into doing a bold lip and simple eye, I do love when I wear more colourful looks on my eyes though.  I have made a recent purchase or two that will help on this front too, expect a haul soon.  On the colourful front I have dyed my hair a few times since, well twice in the last month if that counts!  I’ve also cancelled our TV subscription, so that should free up my time a bit more to play.  So this is a mixed one, I still want to play more basically!
  4. Along with 3, I want to use more of my coloured cream eyeshadows – at least as bases.  I have failed on this front, I keep forgetting about them, I am getting better though.  I will succeed.
  5. Project 10 Pan.  I have made great progress on this front, in fact I just posted an update that had more empty makeup products!  It has taken me a while to cut down on the amount of makeup I buy but again I am making progress.
  6. Look after my hands and nails more.  This is another one I think I’ve succeeded at!  My nails are finally getting stronger, they were much stronger before my wedding, acrylic nails will ruin anyone’s nails!  Cuticle oils are great but I’ve since fallen in love with Lush’s Lemony Butter Cuticle Butter, I even did a blogpost on it if you fancy a look.  My nails are recovering nicely and I do at least moisturise my nails twice a day…I’m sure that will improve!
So that’s it, not bad.  Three out of six definitely successful, three more that are still in progress.  How are your New Year resolutions going?

Thanks for reading!

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