Too Faced Mascara Review

Too Faced Better Than Sex
I was lucky enough to get this in The Dream Box BBBlogger box from Latest In Beauty, I’d heard so much about this mascara that I had to test it out, even though I already had a few mascaras on the go!

This retails for £19* which is definitely a high end price for a mascara, so I expected wonderful things, especially considering one of my HG mascaras Benefit’s BADgal lash mascara * is £17.50.  So I expected it to be better than that.    It has nice packaging, the handle on the wand is nicely weighted and it is a bristled brush, which I also enjoy over plastic brushes.
Bristle Brush
Too Faced Better Than Sex on one eye
 I’ve applied the mascara to my right eye (left eye looking at the photo).  It gives lovely flutterly lashes with decent volume and length.  It actually behaved itself for once when I applied it and didn’t leave too many clumps, you might be able to see some on my lashes at the outer corner of my eye.  Normally I get quite a few clumps when I apply this mascara and it takes a good 5 minutes of serious combing through to get rid of them.  It’s a dry formula which I normally really like but I have too many gripes with this mascara.

Gripe one, it drops down on me massively.  So after only a few hours of wear I have black smudges under my eyes, then in a bid to remove it I end up removing my under-eye makeup.  Not ideal.  Gripe Two, I also always seem to get it on my upper lid, this is such a pain after taking time to apply a colourful eye look, or a simply nude look, you don’t want black mascara smudges on top – which you then have to remove and touch up your eye makeup.  Gripe Three, throw in the fact that I have to always comb through my lashes quite a bit, well I can waste about 10-15minutes in the morning fixing my mascara!  This is not good when you’re trying to get out the door to work.  Final gripe, I cannot wear this on my lower lashes at all, I’m just asking for trouble if I do that.  I end up looking like an odd panda.

The only way I can stop this mascara dropping down is by layering Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ mascara over the top, which you can see below.   I’ve applied The Rocket Volum’ to my lower lashes too.
Layered mascara
 I do like the look of this layered up, but to be honest it’s just too much hassle to use in the mornings.  I can get exactly the same look layering Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara, with less fall down.  I also got a similar look with Maybelline’s Colossal Cat Eye mascara*, both of which are cheaper than the Too Faced mascara.  If you want a high end mascara that will give you that fluttery lashes look I would recommend Chanel Le Volume De Chanel mascara*.  It’s another HG mascara that does wonders for my lashes, no clumps, no fall down and lovely flutterly lashes and it also layers well, it retails for £25, so a bit more expensive but it’s worth it for me.
Now we all know mascara is a very personal thing, what I love or hate, may be the exact opposite for you.  However, if you like some of the mascaras I mentioned, I would definitely not rush out to buy the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.  Maybe ask for a wand and apply it at a counter, leave it a few hours and see if you have similar issues with fall down, of if you have clumping issues.  It’s a lot of money to spend on an almost average mascara.

You can check out the video below to see how it applies.
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