Who Doesn’t Love Bobble Hat!?

Kubixl Bobble Hats
I was recently contacted by Kubixl, a new knitwear brand from Brighton, to make me aware of their kickstarter project.  I’m a fan of supporting smaller businesses when I can, so I went off to investigate their kickstarter.  I read through their press release and was more than a little bit excited.  I’m a fan of woolly hats, even better if they have a bobble.  Especially as I managed to lose two of my favourite woolly hats last winter, I did steal my husband’s hat but it just doesn’t have the same affect.  These bobble hats are a bit special though!  The poms are interchangeable! HENCE MY EXCITEMENT!

  Sorry for shouting but seriously, this is something very fun for me.  I’m a fan of adding colour to my wardrobe whenever I can, it makes me smile and keeps me happy.  I think this is especially important in darker months when the weather is dreary and we’re all getting soaked on the walk to work, or end up freezing.  I’m also a fan of the quirky geometric designs, the thought of wearing a wonderfully colourful bobble hat that I can change the pom on, it just makes me smile.


I had been emailing back and forth with the women from Kubixl for  a few weeks and we finally met up on Saturday at Stanmer Park for a walk about to take pictures, we even managed an impromptu interview!  You can check out the video below for the interview.  For now, let’s check out the hats!  (I apologise now for the captions).


Kubixl Hats just hanging out…
Closer Look


Just climbing trees

Kubixl have a Kickstarter project running until 1st September in a bid to get their production up and running.  The hats are all British made and the poms are all hand finished, just to make sure they’re nice and dense.  Aren’t they lovely?!

Kubixl Dogs Chillin’

The dogs had to get in on the action too of course!  I think these hats would made great presents for friends, family or yourself in the run up to Christmas (we have all seen the counters telling us how many Fridays are left).  I am personally looking forward to getting my hat and two poms, especially now the weather is on the turn and there is a definite chill in the air!

I am in no way sponsored, I just found something that made me smile and I wanted to share it with all of you!  It would be wonderful to see Kubxil do well.  I know it’s almost pay day and we’re all a tad skint (well ok maybe just me), but set a reminder and check out their kickstarter when you can.  That or you can check out their website when it’s up and running, for now you can follow them on twitter to find out the latest news.  They’re also on instagram if you want a better look at any of their hats.

Don’t forget to show us your #pomfidence when you do get your hat!

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