Budget Eyeshadow Palettes

I’ve been testing out a these budget eyeshadow palettes and I have to say I’ve been really enjoying both of them.  So let’s talk details!

beauty uk & Makeup Revolution
I have the Beauty UK Earth Child* palette and the Makeup Revolution Lock & Load palette.  Both of these are really quite cheap in cost, however the quality isn’t actually half bad.

Below are the swatches from the Beauty UK palette, as you can see the pigmentation isn’t great in all of them, with some of the lighter shades requiring more building up.  You can see the darker shades definitely have more pigmentation.  You get 10 shadows and 10g of product for £3.99, so not a bad bargain.  I really like the grouping of shadows, they are great autumnal shades and work well together.  You could get a few different looks out of this palette and as long as you wear an eyelid primer, these eyeshadows last pretty well.  I recently did an eye look tutorial/pictorial using this palette, you can check that out here if you’d like to see them in action.
Beauty UK Earth Child palette swatches
Below are swatches from the Makeup Revolution Lock & Load palette.   Most of the palette are shimmery shadows and are much more pigmented, although the light coloured matte shades are not well pigmented, for example the light purple swatch below, that look quite a bit of effort to get a decent visible swatch.  For £4 you get 14 shadows and 2 eyebrow powders, although I’ve never used the brow powders for their purpose, instead using them as normal eyeshadows.  You get 5.7g of product, so slightly less than the Beauty UK palette.   Again a great selection of colours, lots of different fun colours as well as everyday wearable shades.
Makeup Revolution Lock & Load palette swatches
Makeup Revolution Lock & Load palette swatches
 The eyeshadows from both palettes blend really well and are easy to work with.  I would recommend checking them out.  I personally prefer the Makeup Revolution palette and will likely check out more of those, however the Beauty UK palette is a lovely little palette to have.  Have you tried out any other palettes from either of these brands?  I’d love recommendations!

Thanks for reading!

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