Makeup Inventory & Storage Update!

Inventory Check
I did an initial makeup inventory about 4 months ago and as you can see in the picture I’ve been updating it.  So I did a recount of everything and thankfully some numbers have gone down…a few may have gone up too.  I also got some new drawers*, I’ve used most of them for my makeup, so lets take a closer look!

Now the drawers are still not particularly tidy, I’m still figuring that bit out.  I’ve basically taken the drawers from the drawer sets I had and popped them into the drawers!
Blushers, Highlighters, Bronzers
Powder Blushes from gone from 37-31, Cream Blushes 13-12, Highlighters 12-11, Bronzer still 2.
Primers, Concealers, Bases, Contours, Setting Powders
Face Primers still 5, Lip Primer 1-0, Eyelid primer still 2, Concealers 7-9, Eyebrow powder still 1, Eyebrow gel 1-2, Foundation 11-6, BB Cream/Skin tint still 4, Foundation/BB Cream samples  5-6, Under eye setting powder still 1, Face setting powders 5-4.
Lipsticks, Balm Stains, Lip Glosses, Lip Lacquers, Lip liners
Lip liners still 12, Lip gloss/liquid lip colour 21-22, Lip stain/Chubby sticks 12-15, Pout polish, 1, Lipsticks 55-61, Lipstick samples, 4-5.
Eyeshadow Palettes, Eyeliners
Eyeliners 35-33, Liquid/Cream liner still 6, Eyeshadow palettes 36-37.
Eyeshadow Singles, Cream Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Sticks, Mascaras
Eyeshadow singles still 43, Cream eyeshadows 19-16, Eyeshadow Pencils 13-11, Mascaras 11-8 & 3 samples.

The final things on the inventory, Nails polishes 123-128, Nail art pens still2, Nail art polish 1.

So you can see some things are definitely going down, however my lipstick obsession seems to be just increasing!  I think I need to create a pocket friendly list so it can live in my wallet and remind me not to buy anything else!  Especially now we’re saving for our trip to the Maldives and future travels, I did a post all about it.

You can check out the video below if you fancy a closer look at anything.
Thanks for reading!

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