My Weightloss & Fitness Journey!

It has been a while since I gave you all an update on my weightloss and fitness journey.  To be honest it stalled in all the fuss after the wedding!  I ate whatever took my fancy while on our mini-moon and I’ve been at it ever since!  I have gained a bit of weight, not massive amounts.  More than anything I’ve noticed other differences in my body.

I have been lots of sugary foods, so chocolate bars, crisps, you get the idea.  I’ve also been slacking on drinking water and eating enough fruit & veg.  I’ve noticed my IBS has started to flare up, my skin isn’t as clear as it was when I was eating well.  I’m not sleeping again.  I’m generally more lethargic too.  So these differences have helped to give me the motivation to get moving again.

I’m tired of all these rubbish side effects of bad food.  I’m weaning myself off sugary foods again, which is so hard.  Having gone through this before though, I know it can be done!  It just requires willpower, I know once I get through the other side I won’t crave sugary things nearly as much.  So I will remind myself that I will feel so much better when I get to the other side.  I find visualising what I want helps.   I’m also back using MyFitnessPal to get me back in good habits.

In regards to fitness, I’m back on this.  I did do a small amount of exercise throughout July & August.  I’m also really determined to become Irish Dancing Senior World Champion with WIDA.  This means increasing my stamina, improving my flexibility and generally improving my fitness.  If you’ve been following me on instagram you will have likely seen my sweaty face after some dance practice!

Something that may seem entirely contradictory – I’ve cancelled my gym membership.  I just don’t have time.  I’m walking/jogging twice a week –  I am doing the Couch to 5K with my sister in-law which is quite fun!  I am going to pilates twice a week, I’m dancing twice to three times a week and we now have a fully kitted out free gym at work – with a PT coming in twice a month!  So it has all worked out and I save a bit of money!

So I’m now back up to 10stone 6lbs or 67.5kgs.  So I’ve put on about half a stone I think.  I want to lose that, but more importantly I want to improve my fitness!   I’d love to know if you’re on a similar journey and how you keep motivated, I know I will find it harder coming into winter.

Thanks for reading!

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