Time for a Re-think & Reshuffle!

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I’ve recently, well within recent months, been polishing up my blog.  This will undoubtedly be an ongoing thing. This process has made me much happier and I do definitely enjoy using it lots more, you can probably tell as I’ve been posting more frequently.

Unfortunately something is still not quite right. I’m not as happy with the posts as I would like.  I feel like I’ve fallen into the rut of doing the “expected” posts, don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing the Favourites, Empties, Hauls and Reviews of various beauty products,  I’m sure I’m not the only blogger that has felt like this.  So I’ve been having a good think and I may have come up with plan of action.

What are my aims & how do I intend to get there!

I enjoy fashion posts, I just need to put more thought into them I think and get better location shots.  I’ve already found a few locations I really want to use and I’ve planned a few outfits.  I’m also thinking of more seasonal style posts – so using a tool like pinterest to gather various collections together and show you what I’m loving for the season.  I’m also thinking of getting in touch with local “creators”, for example I chatted with the girls from Kubixl recently and there are a few other local people that I would love to chat with.

I want to do more tutorial posts.  Again requires taking pictures at the various stages as I apply the makeup.  I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures as I go, so I will start using post-its to help remind me!  I’m planning a few Hallowe’en looks in my head that I’m going to test out on my new face charts.

I have been doing a few more lifestyle sort of posts – where we’ve gone on days out, or my weightloss/fitness journey, or random DIY projects…you get the idea.  I think I may do more, but these are a slow burn.  I’ve a few ideas again, I just need to form them properly.

I want to do more reviews as well, I just need to get around to them.  Sometimes I feel that I don’t always get a chance to post reviews each week, this is my own doing and I just need to figure it out properly.

I’m also going to bring back my NOTW posts or maybe my favourite Nails of the Month.  I love nail polish, I have over 100, so that’s a bit of a give away!  So I think I will start doing more “tutorials” with these too, I’ve a nail stamping kit and all sorts of other fun things that I want to share with you!

So that is the plan for now.  This is going to be a gradual process I think, you’ve probably already noticed a few differences.   My notebook is filling up with ideas and plans, now to actually put them into action.  I’m hoping posting this will help me get moving!!

If there are any posts you really want to see from me please shout!
Thanks for reading

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