Under Eye Concealers, NARS Or Mac?

I’m sure I’m not the only person out there on the hunt for “thee” under eye concealer.  I had heard rave reviews about mac Pro Longwear and then more rave reviews about NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer!  So which did I prefer for my slightly wrinkly under eyes?

mac & NARS Concealers

I’ve had both of these a wee while and I have thoroughly tested both out.  mac Pro Longwear concealer retails for £17 for 9ml and it comes in a glass bottle with a small pump on top, glass bottles are not a good idea for the handbag, mini fail there.  The NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer* is the most recent addition to my collection and it retails for £22 for only 2.2g, it comes in a plastic container with a doe foot applicator.

Top NARS, Bottom mac

I have the lightest shade in both, NC15 mac Pro Longwear and Chantilly from NARS Radiant Creamy concealer.  There is a definite difference in the consistency.  The top swatch is the NARS concealer, it is much thicker and as the name might suggest, it is lovely and creamy and you only need a small amount of this to cover any darkness.  The mac concealer is much more liquid, again you only need a tiny amount of this concealer to do under your eyes and any other spots that might need covering – you can check out the video below where I’ve done a demo, just to see how little of this is needed!  You need to warm up this concealer with your finger to get a consistency you can work with and for it to actually conceal anything.  Unfortunately the pump on the mac concealer is a wee bit difficult to actually control.

mac on left (right eye); NARS on right (left eye)

You can see from the picture above that the NARS concealer is much more brightening under my eyes compared to the mac concealer and also provides a bit more coverage.  As you can also see I have wrinkles under my eyes, this often causes issues with concealers.  The mac Pro Longwear is terrible for creasing under my eyes and really sinking into all the fine lines.  It tends to crease after only a few hours and it’s always quite obvious when it does crease.  I can use my finger to blend everything back in easily enough, however if you use this on spots, it can often dry up and leave it looking cakey.  Something I’ve also experienced under my eyes!  Cake face with extra wrinkling, not the best look!   Thankfully the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer barely creases on me, I mean seriously.  I check it at lunch, so thats at least 5hrs of wear and it hasn’t creased.  It eventually creases later in the afternoon, but it is only slightly and it’s simple to blend back in!

The NARS concealer is also buildable, so if you need to add more later on in the day you can.  The mac concealer, not so buildable, it really dries down and sets after application, adding another layer to this can leave the area looking very cakey and a bit scaley too if you’re not careful.  I really don’t like to build this concealer.

I think the overall winner for me is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It wears better, it brightens the area better, I only need a tiny amount to do both eyes.  I love this for under my eyes.  Yes it’s more expensive but it actually works!  I would happily wear this all day with only slight touch-ups needed.  Plus you can bring it with you in your bag!  I don’t use the mac Pro Longwear under my eyes any more, it’s for blemishes only.  Thankfully I am light enough that it works on the rest of my face without highlighting it!  So if you have wrinkles under your eyes like me, get the NARS concealer, don’t even both with the mac concealer.

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