Bloggers Tea Party Meet Up!

Bloggers Tea Party
If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram (did you see the cake?) you are probably aware that I went to a beauty blogger meet up on Sunday – the Bloggers Tea Party!  I managed to vlog a bit too so you can have a watch of that if you’d like to know what goes on at these things!

The venue Drink, Shop & Do was absolutely ideal for the meet up.  A very quirky interior with a great selection of teas – I went with a James & The Giant Peach, and cake!  I went with a Raspberry & Pistachio slice of cake, it was seriously good.  So if you’re in the King’s Cross area of London, definitely check it out.


I may have caught Hannah unaware.  We were based in the room at the back of the venue, which was perfect for mingling.

CAKE (I had the pink one!)

I arrived a tad early due to train times, but it just meant I got to take pictures of everything before the rest turned up, Winner!  Can you see how stuffed our goodie bags were?

Goodie Bags
Plus there was a Pick & Mix bar of beauty products, a rather neat touch I thought.  It had various skin care samples and nail polishes.
Pick & Mix Bar
This was all organised in just under 4 weeks by Nadja & Olivia, which I thought was an impressive feat! So many brands involved, such a great venue and getting that many beauty bloggers in one place!  High Fives all round!
Olivia & Nadja
I met some wonderful people on the day and managed to get a few snaps.  I would recommend checking out their blogs to get to meet everyone as I didn’t get a picture of everyone there unfortunately.
Rebecca, Stephanie, Lucie, Hannah, Nicole
Rebecca runs regular meet ups in London for beauty bloggers, you can find the group here.  Lucie is organising a Christmas USA/UK International Beauty Box Swap, definitely worth investigating!
Pao, (Steph in the background) Aline, Renata
   Fingers crossed I’m meeting up with Pao at a different meet up next month and the rest of these folks at the Christmas meet up!  Quite a few of us had been chatting in the lead up to the event, so it was nice putting a person to the Twitter account.
Hannah, Jasmine, Eilish, Angelica

Another group of girls I got to spend some time chatting with, hard to beat a pot of tea and some cake to get people talking.  I didn’t get a picture with Jessica (you’ll spot her in the video), she runs the #fblchat on Twitter on Tuesdays at 8pm, I’ve managed to take part in this chat a few times and it’s a lovely chat to get involved with.

So let’s talk goodies!  There was a twitter raffle on the day too, unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the prizes, but they were great and I’m sure some of the others have pictures!  I did include some of the prize giving in the video, so you can check that out.   I was a little late in starting my recording and missed Steph winning the epic prize of a Jelly Bean vending machine (you remember my love of Jelly Beans), I was jealous.

Goodies anyone??

There were a selection of brilliant brands involved including, Sleek, Balance Me, Makeup Revolution, Jason, So…?, Dr Bronner, Giovanni, For You, Ciate, Palmer’s and even a mini cake!  I’m so excited to try all these out, I may have already started..expect reviews.  One thing I’m really impressed with was that I may actually have a foundation that might match my skin colour!  The girls did ask us before the event what our skin colouring was, so that always helps, I’m still impressed as I normally end up with something that’s miles off my colouring.

Below is a vlog of my day – it is a tad long so grab a cuppa & a biscuit! For those of you that have never been to a meet up before this might be a good way to see what may go on!  There’s also some information on the other meet ups and the Christmas beauty box exchange included in the video.

So that’s it!  All in all it was a roaring success and a lovely first meet up, I can’t wait for the next one!
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