Dior Star Foundation Review

Dior Star Foundation
I recently got my hands on a sample of the Dior Star foundation.  Now I’m sure you’ve heard everybody and their neighbour raving about this, I thought I would test it out to see what all the fuss was about!  So let’s get stuck in, don’t be scared of my before & after pictures.

As you can see my poor skin isn’t too happy, although thankfully most of this is scarring that is healing up nicely.  Let’s just say I didn’t get on with some skin care, possible review in future.
Above is 1 and a half layers, I’ve basically added more to my chin area where I have most of my issues.  I was colour matched to 010, which as you can see is a touch yellow, although I’m pleased to see that they have a bigger selection of colours for this foundation.  Unfortunately this foundation definitely oxidises on my skin, which is a tad annoying, but a common problem with foundations.  It is a light to possibly medium coverage foundation.  It is recommended to apply this with a brush, I used my expert face brush from Real Techniques and it does apply really nicely without clinging to dry patches or emphasising lines.

It has a very short wear time.  Without using a setting powder, this lasted maybe a few hours, with setting powder I got 4 hours wear max.  Not good.  It began to break up quite badly around the creases of my nose and my chin area.  I attempted to blend it back in, only for it to slide off my face.  Not ideal and quite embarrassing!  It also really sunk into the slightly larger pores on my cheeks after a few hours, making them more obvious.  This foundation doesn’t really cover redness too well, as you can see with two layers you can still see the redness of my scarring showing through.  You can also see my freckles show through, although they are less obvious than the scarring, so it does a better job of covering pigmentation.

It also claims to help with dark circles, thankfully I don’t have massive issues with dark circles so I can’t comment.   It didn’t irritate my skin, so that’s a plus.  This foundation may be better suited to drier skin types – get a sample first in case it’s not!

Considering the Dior Skin Nude* is one of my all time favourite foundations, I expected great things from this foundation.  The Dior Star foundation retails for £32* for 30ml, I won’t be purchasing a full size.

If you would like to see me apply this foundation or get a closer look at it with a full face of makeup on, you can check out the video below.  If you have had better luck with this foundation please let us know down below – include your skin type.

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