DIY Autumn & Hallowe’en Candle Holders!

DIY Candle Holder Decorations
I have attempted a few Autumnal/Fall and Hallowe’en candle holder decorations.  I like to reuse any glass candle holders and I thought this would be a great way to add a bit of Autumnal colour!

What I used
I bought majority of this from Tiger, but there are plenty of craft/art supply shops, even Lidl & Aldi do DIY bits, so all of these could be found in some shape or form!  I’ve checked and made sure that everything I’ve used is safe with heat, obviously I’m painting the outside of the candle holders, so they will get warm with the heat from the burning candles.  If you are unsure ask a member of staff before purchasing!
With the first glass I painted it 3 different colours, above is just the first coat.  You can see I did the yellow in up/down strokes and the other two are more sideways and a bit rough.  I’m trying to add a bit of texture with this.  I did go in after the second coat and used some of the orange paint on a spare makeup sponge to add a sort of gradient between the orange & yellow and between the orange & brown.   Once I had glazed this I wrapped some string around it a few times and tied it in a simple bow.
  I’ve taped some nail striping tape criss-crossing around the glass.  You can do this in any pattern you like!  I think just paint it black.  Below are the glasses are a second coat.  The blue one only has a single coat, I painted on a pair of trees and some head stones to give it a bit of a Hallowe’en feel!
Unfortunately I managed to lose some photos, so I don’t have the glazing step.  I used Glazing Medium to cover all of these.  I also used some dried leaves that I’d put between sheets of newspapers to dry, and stuck them to a larger candle holder using the contact glue, then I wrapped some of the string around it & tied it simply.  For the black candle holder I added more nail striping tape and spray painted the bottom inch, holding the spray close to the glass so that it dripped down.  I also sprayed another frosted candle holder with gold spray paint – again aiming for drips.  You can see all of this in the video below – so sorry I lost the photos, annoyed with myself!  You can see the finished holders above, I’m really pleased with how they all turned out!

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