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I was tagged by Storybook Apothecary to do this tag.  It’s something she created by mushing a few different tags together!  I’m a massive fan of Hallowe’en so I thought this would be fun!  You can see my DIY Hallowe’en/Autumn Candle Holder post or my Mermaid Tutorial post for more Hallowe’en fun!

1. What’s your favourite Hallowe’en movie? 
Hocus Pocus would definitely be one of my favourites.  I’m also a fan of the various Tim Burton films at Hallowe’en too!

2. What age did you stop trick-or-treating? 
I in my early teens when I stopped, thankfully I had my younger brother as an excuse to keep going out.

3. Favourite Hallowe’en costume you’ve ever dressed up as?
I once helped my friend dress as a woodland nymph and really liked how that turned out.  I’ve done various evil queens over the years too which I quite like!

4. Will you dress up this year? If yes,
No, unfortunately Hallowe’en isn’t that big of a deal where I live.  This year we’re not throwing a party so I won’t be dressing up.

5. Do you enjoy haunted attractions?
Haunted yes, gory nooooooooo

6. Vampires or Werewolves?
Vampires – apart from the silly sparkly kind from Twilight.

7. Do you prefer to make or buy your costume?
Make, much fun and I can’t really be bothered with “sexy” costumes for Hallowe’en a lot of the time and they seem to be the only ones on offer majority of the time.

8. Michael Mayers or Freddie Kruger?
Freddie Kruger!  Much more terrifying.

9. Favourite Hallowe’en candy?
I don’t think I’ve come across any “Hallowe’en” candy, I know some of the bigger companies release Hallowe’en versions of existing sweets.  I’m always a fan of chocolate though!

10. Do you decorate your house for Hallowe’en?
I do a wee bit.  Not much as we have a small flat, I would have it dripping in Hallowe’en decorations but I have to rein it in.

11. Hallowe’en costumes that you dislike/hate?
I’m not the biggest fan of the overly sexualised costumes.  Don’t get me wrong, if you want to do that, go for it.  What I would like is for there to be more options for women, not just the skimpy outfits.

12.  Have you repeated a costume?  What was it?
The evil queen/evil fairy queen.  I just edited the dress a bit!

13.  Do you believe in ghosts?
Sort of.  I don’t know everything about our existence and I don’t have an explanation about everything.  I find the whole thing fascinating though.  I love a good ghost story!

14. Do you enjoy scary movies?
Scary movies yes, horror movies no.  I can’t do gore at all.  I love a good thriller though!

15. Favourite Hallowe’en treat that isn’t store-bought candy
Homemade toffee apples.  Nice fresh apples, crunchy, chewy toffee.  Winner.

16.  Favourite way to spend Hallowe’en day/night?
I used to be a fan of getting dressed up and going out with friends to pubs & clubs that had Hallowe’en nights on.  Or a good party with friends and various silly Hallowe’en games.  In recent years I love being in, all the candles burning, hot chocolate and all the Hallowe’en themed films!


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