Normal Service Shall Resume!

Trophy, medals & sash
Apologies for lack of posts yesterday, or Friday.  You may remember from my Finding Motivation I mentioned I had the WIDA British Open Championships (Oireachtas) at the weekend.  So even though I had managed to take pictures for posts etc, I just ran out of time to actually write anything!  Below are some (slightly blurry) pictures.  My husband was attempting to record videos & take pictures.  I did OK at the competitions.  I can do better and I intend to 🙂

5th British Open Championships (Oireachtas)


Bit of dancing!


5th Reel at Feis


2nd Hornpipe at Feis


Normal service will resume, I have quite a few products I want to review and some other fun posts to do, so I should be fully back into the swing of things by next week.  If you’re interested in seeing how I got on and the fun from the weekend, you can check out the vlog that will be up over on our vlog channel on Sunday.

Thanks for reading!

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