The Body Shop Camomile Cleansers

Camomile Cleansers
As you can probably tell I’ve been trying these out for quite a while, you can see the haul from back at the start of September.  I do try and use skin care for as long as I can before reviewing – some skin care reacts a lot quicker.  On with the review!

I picked up the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter* (£12) and Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make-up Remover* (£8).  I would consider these to be slightly expensive high street, there are cheaper options available but I without doubt think these are worth it.

Let’s chat about the cleansing butter first.  You get 90ml for £12, which isn’t bad considering you only need to use a small amount.  I tend to use this as my second cleanse and it does a great job at removing any reminisce of makeup leaving my skin feeling soft and clean.  I have also tested it out at removing my makeup and it removes practically everything, with the exception being waterproof mascara or eyeliner, I often need to go in twice to get it all.  I use this mainly in the evenings, often giving myself a facial massage and it is great for that purpose, if you need a gentle cleanser in the mornings, this could also be an option.  I don’t find this cleanser drying either.  All in all I am really pleased with this cleanser and will likely repurchase once I’ve finished it up!

The waterproof eye & lip make-up remover is £8 for 150ml.   I’ve used at least half of this in the weeks I’ve had it.  I find it is really good at removing all my eye makeup, I do tend to hold the cotton pad on my eye for longer if I’ve used two coats of mascara or if I have a lot of eye makeup on.  I use a single cotton round per eye.  This doesn’t irritate my eyes or leave any kind of residue.  It also doesn’t dry out the skin around my eyes, which I’ve had issues with before.

I have normal/combination/sensitive skin and I found both of these products are good for my skin.  I have started using more products specifically targeting my acne prone skin.  I’ve been suffering more with breakouts and I’ve reacted badly to some other skin care.  I had re-read so much of Caroline Hirons blog and I’m taking her advice!  So I am now trying to balance the harsher products by alternating with these more gentle products.  I’m pleased to say these balance everything out nicely and I would definitely recommend checking these out.

Have you used these skin care products? Have you had any issues or if you have drier skin, let us know down below so other folk can find out if it’s useful!

Thanks for reading!


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